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 1.Rome Album
 2.La Ramblas   (Barcelona)
 3.Arc de Triomph   (Barcelona)
 4.Parc Guell   (Barcelona)
 5.Segrada Familia   (Barcelona)
 6.Caixa Catalunya   (Barcelona)
 7.Eiffel Tower   (Paris)
8.The Louvre (Paris)
9.Notre Dame    (Paris)
10.Natural History     Museum (Paris)
11.Arc de Triumph    (Paris)
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Wednesday, August 28, 2002
Not going to work this evening coz i woke up from my deep slumber n found out dat i have SWOLLEN EYES!!!...that's twice in a month. Got M.C. just now. I should have known...d medicine dat my doctor gave me this morning, for d anti-inflammation tablets for my clavicles is d culprit. I saw a different doctor n he said dat i couldn't take any painkiller medicine coz most of it contained d same kind of ingredient. OK...OK...now dey tell me...Shheeesh!

Maybe there's a blessing in disguise...i could manage d administration for d coming soccer event...( President's Challenge 2002 Futsal Open & Score Futsal Tournament )

So much thing to do in so little time!!!

Well, i'll just have to take easy. Take each day s it comes. I'll b going for an x-ray tomorrow for a review on d clavicles...n had to bring it back. It's weird but i love to c x-ray pics...hehehe...me weird...so weird!
Monday, August 26, 2002
Woke up quite late this afternoon ( 4 pm )...slept yesterday at 5am...hehehe. Went out with my fiancee for some browsing ard in borders, she just loves books, b4 hinting abt cheese 'roti prata' to her...hehehe ( actually my stomach was rumbling ). Dat really took her concentration from d books...hehehe. Me bad...so evil...me selfish. We immediately went to have our early dinner behind boat quay, a 'prata' shop. I ate two cheese 'prata' n 'gado-gado'...for my brunchner ( breakfast+lunch+dinner ), well it was sure nice of having a fiancee who doesn't mind me eating a lot.

Well after eating, we went straight down to one fullerton for our coffee-drinking-sweet-talk session...( oops, too mushy for some ) Watching d people past by, watching us making noise inside d cafe, on d sofa. Somehow, i love mondays, cause there's not much people ard in d evenings.

While sending my girl back home, we stopped by near a fish/luohan shop to buy my pet fish food n net. My better half bought her father's fishes ( she hates them ) snails to make up for d two sucker fishes dat's been ravaged. Bad, very bad!
Hullo to all...just recover from one hectic weekend. Yesterday after updating d blogs, some of d bros, drive all d way to sentosa for some night adventure. It's been quite a while since we went ghost hunting. It was quite fun but d 'beings' r not as hostile as they used to b. Before we enter this huge white building we noticed a white 'pochong'-like figure on d second floor. Just standing there peering out through d window. All of us just stand there with our small torchlight, watching at it. Some of us was curious to y d 'being' would like to stand there n stay to unveil itself. So after much organization, we climb d stairs leading to d room. Upon inspection, the 'being' turned out to b a white bundle of cloth wrapped up like a 'pochong'. *beep* Maybe some prankster wants to scare trespassers. Or is it?

So it all began our adventure in d freakin' building. Amidst all d noise of fruit bats along d corridors, we can faintly hear some noises made from cats. Cats? If i'm a singaporean...i would say " Were got cats!" But i am, so i said ( to myself ) "Where got cats!". Then suddenly we stopped in d room of the so called 'pochong', watching intently infront of us, near some windows. Some of us could make out a movement within d windows. One of my bros then step aside n move to d left of us n pointed to us dat he could c abt two 'beings' lurking out of d shadow. ( This could easily made a movie by 'Thriller'...MJ? )

We kept cool...after d 'beings' left, or so we thought, we make our way to d other parts of d house. There r also some events dat happen during d visit which is not mentioned. Nothing much, the trivial stuff. Ok got to go for date...hehehe...

Sunday, August 25, 2002
Well, it's been a busy weekend. My bro got married n i could c a lot of lo' friends gathering n chatting. Nice atmosphere, lovely scenery. On saturday evening, all of us, was invited for d wedding dinner. It was quite a grand occasion, with dikir barat n a silat performance from one of our bros. The occasional music form zul & his company was great too. They perform some great oldies n some new goodies. Hehehe...my better half truly enjoy some of d song. I just came back from d day's ritual of feasting from both sides of d couple's houses. Quite frankly, both the dishes r very tasty.

Amidst all the euphoria, i came to think dat of all d three days d bros have been together ( fri,sat,sun )...i couldn't help noticing dat one of my bros is not here. Maybe it's just me or he is very busy. I hope he's fine n well...

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Just came back from having dinner n snuggling close to d love one in delifrance...hehehe. So many things happen during these few days. A lot...though i won't bother u guys from reading it. I just found out dat i'm going to b 'permanently' working inside. A good n bad advantage. I hate d office politics firstly, secondly, i hate some people who morbidly follow dumb instructions...or can even call orders...sheesh! The good thing is dat i can learn a lot of process variables from inside...( yea, these may b boring for some people )

My bro is gonna get hitch on this weekend ( yea! )...another busy weekend for me again. Hope my fiancee wouldn't mind. I simply hate making her feel sad.

Yesterday we won a game against sembawang csc, 3-1...hooray! May d team prosper without me playing.

Just a thought:

Sometimes i feel dat some people feel dat life is very long n they feel dat they r still young. I don't know wat they r thinking abt doing in future. Maybe they just feel dat one day, they will get lucky n won some huge monetery prize n leave everything, migrate to a certain country. I have found some people likes to 'cocoon' themselves. But did absolutely nothing with their lives. Unlike d majestic monarch butterfly, these individuals will eventually fade away n lose their self-confidence. To all the person dat i've known...reality is not an abt turn situation, it is abt hope.
Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Came back from work after having breakfast with d colleagues...groggy. Slept abt 1030 am. Woke up quite late...0600 pm. Picked up my HP n saw a lot of SMS...more from my beloved one. An SMS n a missed call from my soon-to-be insurance cum investment agent from hell! Been calling me to sign some documents, again! He told me that he had to rewrite my previous document dat i signed yesterday...AARRGH! Called him back n told him to meet me tonight.

Called my darling n set up to meet him at jurongpoint for dinner together with ezjazz n his better half. Ate at pizza hut...called reinforcement, to finish up our food..( we ordered quite a lot )...reinforcement comes in d form of d DIVINE BOVINE. In between meals we traded a lot of jokes n laughter. We really made a fool of ourselves there....correction, we made FOOLS of ourselves...that was a couple of hours ago. Now, i'm feeling a bit hungry...hehehe...

Hhhhhmmph...what am i gonna do later, at 7-11...

1) Bring myself there to sign some more documents to d HELL AGENT!!!...
2) Gonna bring some fixtures n players' profiles for next month's tourney...'discuss' with d GREAT BALD ONE!!!
3) Gonna meet with d NOSEMAN!!!
4) Bring d french-english dictionary for ezjazz.

It's gonna b another training day for tomorrow again...gonna go to work then travel all d way to seranggoon stadium for a soccer match...don't worry hunny...i won't b playing. With all this arrangement, i can still wonder y i am still this slim...

Sunday, August 18, 2002
Sleepy, sleepy...feels so sleepy. Hmmph...seems like it's gonna rain soon...skies suddenly turns dark or my eyes started to close? Lisetening to 5 guys n a girl morning show.

The gunners won d match against birmingham fc. Good show guys!

Nothing like a sleep can charge me. Couldn't get enough sleep yesterday because of my nature to sleep late at nights. Got an e-mail from my friend saying dat we have to go for some training on d 21st of this month! On my rest day! And on d day my club is having a match in serangoon stadium!

Horrible! Simply horrible!
Saturday, August 17, 2002
Nothing much happen at work. A more pleasant night n even more i presume, sitting at d controllers doing nothing but pressing buttons. Well, tonight will b a bit different...hehehe...NO GOVERNMENT!!! Ok, ok...that means no supervisor ard. Only us at work...hehehe...gonna bring my cds n lots of it! Gonna make the place more like a music studio. Maybe i'll bring more snacks n something to read...hehehe...Me evil...very evil...

Can't wait to know d latest score from my beloved epl team. They r gonna play against birmingham...quite a good match i reckon. Love u schnoogums!
Woke up quite late today...at abt 4pm...gonna get ready ( slowly )...to go to work. Gonna meet herman n together with my fiancee ( now i get it correct ). After cutting a deal with him, i'll b sipping on some refreshing jet black coffee...Hope the deal will b short n sweet. Tonight i guess i'll b working inside again. Most of d time doing absolutely, NOTHING!

How so cute...it will b...me evil...me very evil!!!
Friday, August 16, 2002
Just came back from ezjazz's crib. Went there with my better half, trying to help unscramble those codes in his blogs. Quite a fun time...spend time too strolling ard my local market, browsing on some luohans. Gonna keep one soon, as soon as i got myself a suitable tank. Maybe i'll buy a small luohan n a sucker fish for d time being. Been trying to keep a pet for a long time now but i've just made up my mind on what to keep now.

Met the big black cow yesterday...hehehe. Not to offend him but the name sure sounds, err... not like him. Maybe i'll call him the DIVINE BOVINE ...hehehe. Could b machosistic...hehehe. "Ladies n gentlemen...may i present u, d DIVINE BOVINE...!!!"

Got news from my mum dat a lot of my relatives caught conjunctivitis...hehehe. Couldn't help myself from laughing...hehehe. I'm bad...i'm very bad...hehehe. Night seems to b brighter, now there's a lot of bispectacle people ard...hehehe. I'm evil...hehehe. I'm very evil...hehehe. Some thing to keep u guys laugh ur pants off...

You're so ugly, you give Freddy Kruegger nightmares.

You're so ugly, they let you park in handicapped spaces.

You're so ugly, when you threw a boomerang it didn't come back.

You're so ugly, when you went to the zoo they refused to let you out.

You're so ugly, you can't get a date off the calendar.

You're so ugly, when your mother went into labor the doctors went on strike.

You're so ugly, your last name is Link and your first is Missing.

You're so ugly, people put your picture in their car window as an anti-theft device.

You're so ugly, that you can turn milk into yogurt, just by looking at it.
Thursday, August 15, 2002
Went to c Austin Power's Goldmember...very funny. Very, very funny...got to c it. One movie u shld c...hehehe. My fiance n i could not keep our mouth shut ( from laughing i mean )...n so does many other audience but surprisingly there's not many people there. Maybe because of black market vcd? Maybe, just maybe...but i prefer to c d movies because of d sound quality n d ambience. I saw a movie poster when i walked out of the cinema of another comedy movie, Pluto Nash or some sort. Starring Eddie Murphy but i think Mike Myers really makes Eddie Murphy a run for his money.

Read d latest news in the papers. Can't believe dat Manchester United lost to an unknown hungarian club. They really had it this time...hehehe. I don't really mine. But i think Fergusan really had it this time...

MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) - Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has blamed the state of the pitch and a change in Zalaegerszeg's tactics for their shock 1-0 defeat in a Champions League qualifier.

Yea...yea yea. Blame it on d damn pitch! They really r not good enough this time round.

United, who won the competition in 1999, went down to an injury-time strike from substitute Bela Koplarovics in their third qualifying round, first leg tie in Budapest on Wednesday.

"It's a shock result in the sense that they never had a kick of the ball in the second half," Ferguson told the club's website after the game.

"That's a surprise -- one attack, one goal. But we've only ourselves to blame. We had some good chances."

Good enough for target practice?

But aside from United's finishing, having dominated the match, hit the post and also had a goal disallowed, Ferguson pointed to other reasons for the upset.

"The pitch was very bumpy, we'd have to make that a possible reason for the standard of our passing. It's disappointing," he said.

"They changed their system, but that's the only thing. They played five at the back and allowed us all the possession.

"But we should break that down, we've played against that many times."

The standard of the players r no where world class so does their playing system. Face it! Fergusan, u r a bad tactician!

Aside from the embarrassment of the result, United also had defender Wes Brown carried off on a stretcher with a serious ankle injury. He was due to have a scan on Thursday.

"It's an ankle injury, quite a bad one," Ferguson said.

Not having him played for so long, Man U should just not let him play at all...he was sure a joke in d field. Joker i must say!

Although United remain clear favourites to qualify for the group phase of the competition after the second leg at Old Trafford in a fortnight's time, failure to do so will leave them with only a UEFA Cup place this season.

But as usual, they will surely qualify...n will win to qualify to d next phase.
Wednesday, August 14, 2002
Met a bro n his long time girlfriend in jurongpoint while me n my friends was eating. He looked a bit different from last i saw him. A bit thinner, bronze colored hair...etc. As usual he said 'hullo' but there's not a hint of friendliness in his girlfriend's face...( i don't even bother )...i could also c d lost of sparkleness in his face when he saw us. I hope i won't lose him. Frankly, i feel dat, soon i might lose a lot of my bros too...but that's another question...

To put matters to light, at work today, nothing much happen. Most of my times, i did some updating on some old files n schedules...not that i like it but i just would to past d time. Check my e-mail, send some mail...n just check d mail dat i got...

An 80-year-old man went to his doctor for his annual
checkup. The doctor asks him how he's feeling.
The 80 year-old said, "I've never felt better!!"
"I have an 18-year-old bride who is pregnant with my child.
What do you think about that?"
The doctor considers his question for a minute and then
begins, "I have a friend who is an avid hunter and never
misses a season. One day when he was going out in a bit of
a hurry, he accidentally picked up his umbrella instead of
his gun."
"When he got to the creek, he saw a prime beaver sitting beside the stream of water. He raised his umbrella and
went, "Bang, Bang" and the beaver fell over dead!! What do
you think of that?"
The 80-year-old said, "I'd say somebody else shot that
"The doctor replied....."My point exactly.........."


Tuesday, August 13, 2002
"Burp!"...excuse me, just ate my dinner. Ate rice with egg n soy sauce...plus my favourite fried fish, 'tongkol'...hehehe. "Burp!"...Got back from work feeling rather lethargic up there. My brain seems to be feeling rather tired from all those times watching the schedules etc. dat needs to b updating. Got news from my manager n my first line supervisor, abt my collar bone incident...it was d first that happen in my company. Eating lunch alone during break time, watching the chattering of the office people. Chitty-chatty...hearing those office politics with their pompous nature.Then all of a sudden a 'friend' came by n sat beside me...d one who always says that he knows alot of things that happen ard our company...( Ya rite!!! )

'Friend': "Eh? U work inside meh?"

Me: "Ya...( trying to end d conversation, there n then )"

'Friend': "Eh? U know abt that guy, Ramero, Romeo or something?"

Me: "......"

'Friend': " U know or not?"

Me: "I think so...( yadda yadda yadda )"

'Friend': "U know wat happen to him or not?"

Me: "......"

'Friend': "U know or not?"

Me: "...( don't he ever get the hint? )..."

'Friend': "Oklah i tell u..."

Me: "...( like i care )..."

'Friend': "That Romero or Romeo guy just met an accident while playing football...collar bone fracture...last week."

At that moment, a colleague of mine past by n ask me how my injury was. I said fine and told him dat my collar bone was a bit numb...ALOUD!!! ( stressing on the 'collar bone' )

'Friend': "Err...err...excuse me, i think i had to make a call..."
Monday, August 12, 2002
Came back feeling topsy-turvy in the stomach...hehehe...drinking milk does sure makes u wanna release ur bowels. The downside of a good thing. But i'm now a fan of white milk which i hated since eons ago. Got a call from d supervisor, he just wanted to make sure that i'm ok n reminded me to find a replacement for tomorrow n the day after s i'm on light duty. Frankly, i couldn't b bothered to find a replacement but it would b better than to annoy him. Well, it's time for me to hit d bed. Sleepiness overcome my thoughts...

Before logging out, try spending abt a few minutes of ur time browsing on this fellow bloggers site, www.nurani.blogspot.com...she had this simple layout, with no additional tagboards or jpegs etc. My fiance recommended this site s it was very humourous...Go check it out!
Sitting in ngee ann national library ( i think )...can't help but wonder abt d masses of individual borrowing books n audio materials. With my 'schnoogums' beside me 'browsing' my jeans n pickpocketing me. I was eventually robbed of my personal belongings. Hehehe...Once in a while she will send sms to my friends, bros or colleagues...sniggering herself n staring affectionately at me...sometimes she would lie on my shoulder n try to 'purr'...

Well, i know some of u reading this will puke at my writing...hehehe...anyway, time is not on our side. My fiance n i would b spending d rest of d evening, sipping on some warm coffee by d streetwalk in ol' orchard road...c u diary...may god bless u!
Sunday, August 11, 2002
Just came back from my doctor's review abt d clavicles. He just told me that i need to go for an x-ray again n c him again this wed for further review. Told my doctor to write a letter to my reservist unit telling them dat i need to go for another FFI ( fit for infantry ) medical check-up before i could go for my GPMG ( general purpose machine gun ) course from october till november. Maybe they could put me on recourse...that would b just fine. Gave me some more painkillers ( i still wish that he could give me a stronger one, morphine maybe? Hehehe ). Got two days light duty so i had to be a day tech these few days, i think. Need to be desk bound maybe? This one i'm not that familiar. Sitting ard n bumming ard, literally...well it's just one of those days. By the looks of it, i may b spending a lot of time on d pc, for d time being.

What a waste of sun today is...i need to go out! Enjoy d moment while it last...hehehe. Jolly good...pretty wonderful!!!
Got this story from Arsenal webby...check it out!!!

Arsenal (0) 1 - 0 (0) Liverpool
Millennium stadium, Cardiff. Sunday 11th August 2002
Community Shield

Arsenal lined up with no surprises, but it was second half substitute Gilberto (apparently he wants to be known by the single name, Brasilian style) who broke the deadlock with a goal in his debut.

Dennis Bergkamp broke the offside trap just outside the box and took the ball to the goal-line on the left before cutting it back. Gilberto was in space just inside the box and hit a sweet left-foot shot which was close to the keeper but beat him for pace.

The Brasilian had come on for his compatriot Edu at half time. He may well have been going to come on anyway, but there are suggestions that Edu may have been experiencing hamstring trouble.

Arsenal narrowly deserved the win, but escaped a decent penalty shout when Vieira brought down new Liverpool striker Diouf. The ref might have been more sympathetic to the Senegalese player if he'd made less of a meal of it. If that continues, then judging by Diouf's World Cup Liverpool could be missing out on a few pens this year.

As well as Gilberto, it was interesting to see Kolo Toure come onto the left wing towards the end. New signing Pascal Cygan didn't feature at all, and if Keown's form continues he could find himself on the sidelines for a while. Perhaps Wenger couldn't choose between bringing on new boy Cygan or Matty Upson (returning from injury).

Arsenal are still unbeaten domestically this year and also continued their amazing run of scoring in every game. We also became the first team to beat Liverpool at the Millennium stadium. Not that the Community Shield counts for anything.
Hullo diary...nothing much happen today...not that it is boring or what...just that, it may not be that eventful. When to my fiance's house to send the dulangs n then went dinner. But in the end we just bought satay n UJ's dinner n proceeded to meet him at his place. He invited us to spend time there, just to help him update his blogs...I in the other hand, hover ard the pc n did nothing special. My eyes seems to b getting better. In fact, one of my teammate, fadzli, seems to b infected by the same eye disease too...hehehe.

Got news from my dad, that the GUNNERS overcome the challenge from THE KOPS...one goal to none. It seems that the new signing from brazil made an impact from his first real test. And it did not cost that much to buy him too...hehehe. Ah well, THE KOPS have to try better than dat next time...Way to go ARSENAL!!!

Gonna visit my company doctor tomorrow for a review on the, clavicles. See u diary!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2002
Morning everyone...too early to think...half of my brain is sleeping. I've just came back from a howling with my fellow howlers near our meeting point, 7-11, at jurong west. My eyes seems to b a lot better after getting eye drops from the doctor. HHHMMMPPHHHH.......nothing to write except that tonight is rather cold. Maybe it's gonna rain in the early morning. Tudeloo...
Woke up, sleep again, woke up, sleep again...woke up again...checked my eyes. The swelling gets a bit better, now only concentrating on my right eye. I hate getting this as u had to wear sunglassess even when u r indoors with ur family n loved ones...risking getting them infected. Latest infected person, my mum. But hers is only her right eye. What am i going to do for the rest of this saturday?

Called my friend n he suggested to go to the clinic to take some 'better' eyedrops, actually i've been using eyemo throughout the day...hoping for it to relief the discomfort...lazy to go out. Found out that the only clinic that is subsidise by my company near my place is actually in Gek Poh Ville, jurong west extension...somewhere out there. Hate to go alone but what to do...My better half needs to do housework n better still as i wouldn't want to infect her too...sorry, but i wouldn't want to, how selfish of me. Maybe i'll c my company doctor abt my collar bone...should i or shouldn't i put a sling on it. Just a thought.

My friend, herman, told me that he used to broke the same collar bone sometime ago n he swore on this tonic of some kind. Ever heard of this tonic before? Pati ikan haruan or an essence of fish...cooked with some wild american ginseng + cordyceps+ etc. It's halal by the way. Ok, got to try it...it's in my hands now...
Friday, August 09, 2002
What a day it was, all went quite well and expected but i've contracted bad sore eyes...HARGH!!!...Y must it happen during these days when a lot of people are taking pictures. Not that i'm a fan of the lenses but it's just that i did not have much album of my own for the last decade or so. Those sweet memories keep coming back to linger within u whenever i see the pics. It all started when one of my bros, Idris, contracted the disease at his home where a whole lot of his family got it. And he was one of the last one to have it. So he was what u call a carrier of some sort. My sis also started to feel the itch. Expectedly, i had to wear dark glasses throughout the whole afternoon. makes me look like Stevie Wonder...Wonder what is she doing now?

The dulangs that i gave to my fiance was a little bit to little...cause her relatives gave me abt 20...or so dulangs. It was expected of her relatives, as she warned me abt it...hehehe...i hope they like the dulangs that i gave them. One of them is my favourite food, pulut serunding. I can eat the whole lot of them...hehehe. I can't wait for the pictures my relatives took of my fiance to develop. Keen to c her appearance. Curious...hehehe.

My bros n friends came by just now...brings out the laughter to the occasion. Uj told me it's unfortunate of me to carry the burden of some of my bros on my shoulder...hehehe. It could b true. Ok it's abt time for me to c the dulangs now with my unfortunate condition...hehehe.
Thursday, August 08, 2002
Slept late last nite, woke up very very early. Heard some blabbering from the kitchen, (slept in the hall, very near the kitchen) saw my aunt from yishun, my mum n my gramma talking abt something...hehehe. After taking medicine n took a shower, crept slowly beside them n 'join' the conversation...hehehe. Topics ranging from a certain hospital in singapore, that makes the patients seems like their specimen, trainee doctors who comes n pokes here n there...yech! Then it diverted to the topic of my mum's money plant compared to my aunt's, how she wanted to plant some at her new house in johor. Sometimes i can vaguely understand their 'lingo'...hehehe. One of the topic that makes me wonder was abt the marriage of a certain yishun woman who married a son of a king, from pahang i think. I wonder if it's love at first sight or he sends his merry men to find a suitable spouse down south to spite his parents...hehehe. Life's many surprises n keeps on getting better.

Wondrous is the occasion it would be later...maybe i'll drink alot more coffee before my eyes started to shut. I still feels a bit groggy...sometimes it's a bit awkward to be the centre of attraction. My relatives from jurong west just came by bringing their three little obedient kids who sometimes sat beside me n peer at what i'm typing. They r somewhat the adorable type. But sometimes curiosity gets the better of them, their father would sometimes called them to not disturb me n they would just stroll on by without hesitation...hehehe.
Woke up just now, appearing very groggy, opening my room door to c my relatives at my door...tomorrow gonna be one big day for me...my enggagement day...seems very appropriate for me...How i c is that, tomorrow i will b seeing a lot of my distant relatives with children crowding my flat (my parent's flat, three room n a hall, not big though) Can be fun hearing them talk in their 'lingo', baweanese , might want to catch several words from them...i don't know but i always think that i can understand their glib but i cannot put it into words. Understanding is not equal to speaking i think...yadda yadda yadda. HEHEHE...

Ate my medicine, swallow actually, some painkillers n some antibiotics...i wish they could give me some morphine...could b a good way to have it now...hehehe...feeling a bit numb from sleeping just now. Later, i might b entertaining some of my friends n soccer guys in my room...they just want to accompany me...that's all i guess.
I stumbled upon an article in the website abt the clavicles, in other words, the collar bone. It is suppose to be some kinda special or redundant bone...

"You can’t do a whole lot. You can’t put a cast on it because it moves too much – you’d have to put a cast on the chest. If you put a cast on the chest, you can’t breathe [and] that makes them worse. And it’s not worth putting a pin in or splinting because they heal so well."
-Dr. Carden Johnston, an emergency room pediatrician-

Should be ok i guess...i hate getting limbs all bandaged up or cast whatever...it really limits my mobility.

According to Dr. Johnston, almost half of all broken clavicles occur in automobile accidents, a third are the result of sports injuries and boys are five times more likely to break their collarbones than girls. He adds that if a child must break a bone, the clavicle is probably the best one to break because they heal extremely well.

“The blood supply [to the clavicle] is so good and they heal so well that you end up not doing anything with them,” Dr. Johnston says. “I’ve seen clavicles that were broken in three pieces and you just sit back and let them heal.”

I hate to c me having THE bone broken up into three pieces. I guess i'm one third of the unlucky guys in the world...
Wednesday, August 07, 2002
Well it's one of those days...I BROKE MY COLLAR BONE...pain on the left shoulder. Despite this, the doctor with their wondrous perception said that it will heal in abt three weeks! But to regain full fitness would be a few months. What a medical marvel if it would be. And not a sling was i slung ( is there such a phrase )...anyway i'll be here a bit more often than not...yea u may wonder how i got this injury. It's all in the game, soccer, a knock by an opponent in a 50-50 collision. My first REAL injury from soccer and the first real long MC for me from work. And to top it all, we lost the game, 1-2, after leading them during first half. Called my supervisor and he laughed at my condition, saying that it was lucky that i did not injured the right one as it would be hard for me to ********** with my non master hand...hehehe...yea! Bla bla bla!
Hullo...hullo? Need answer...me make it to the BLOGGERS!!! GOODA!!!...Help!!! Me need answer...huahuahua...!!!
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luohan. FEB 03 - Rumah terbakar 

panggil Bomba. MAR 03 - Home Sweet Home. APR 03 - Walk Like An Egyptian. May 03 - Have A Merry Merry  May.

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Photos of My Walking Tour around Rome Photos of My Walk to the Roman Forum
Photos of My trip to Pompeii

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