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Monday, September 30, 2002
Went to work early this morning, trudging along carrying abt 10 packets of 'prata' for some hungry colleagues at work. I sometimes think of d easy accesibility of food near my place but did not realise of me being used to provide food for these people. But i don't mind...hehehe...none at all. Breakfast was a bit heavy today. I ate rice with fried lungs, fried egg, fried chicken wing...etc. Too heavy for some but not me...hehehe. A hungry man is n angry man, they say.

Lunch was a bit boring. I just had slice chicken curry nooodle. Bet u guys never tasted dat before. Still in d topic of food, i managed to eat abt 80% of Banana Nut Crunch Cereal which my fiancee bought for me...20% of it was finished by some of my colleagues including my supervisor. They say dat, things left in d open was better left to b eaten than leaving it to the ants. Bwahaha!

Went to c a bro's son in d hospital after work. His son was quite thin. I was indeed surprise at his son's active nature. Much better than d last time i saw him. He was speaking in his gibberish ways n let me carry him ard. My bro told me dat the doctor will put him under chemo. So sad for a young boy like him to b under chemo. I really hope him well.
Sunday, September 29, 2002
In wat was suppose to b a perfect working day turns out to b perfect after all...hehehe. Not much action at work n d place was peace n quiet despite the early commotion...small price to pay. Ate alot at work too. I had 'prata' for breakfast at a coffeeshop near my place. Had 'nasi lemak ' when i reach my work place. During lunch, i ordered hongkong noodles which is a bit soggy by d time it arrived ( we ordered outside food ). Dessert soon followed. I had almond jelly...what a meal it was, in a span of less than six hours! And i will still wonder how i can keep this slim body! Thank God!

Sunday, a peaceful day...usually, most of us just do d mundane routine of collecting samples n data entry. The weather was perfect...not sunny n not raining except d occasional lighting streak past our hazy sky. Y can't everyday b like this...love my girl!!!
Saturday, September 28, 2002
What is it with these guys...( my army reservist unit ) Sometimes i would like to give them a piece of my mind. Last thursday after working d graveyard shift, i went to c d army doctor n he told me dat there was a fracture on my 'clavicle'...duh...n he said dat i would be put to a medical board to review my case. I was also told by d doc dat i shouldn't b going for my GPMG course s it will injure my shoulder. With mixed feelings n a groggy head, i went back knowing dat i will b free of reservist this year. Yeah?

At work, i called my reservist unit n they told me dat i would indeed b going to spent d next 3.5 weeks staying in-camp for my GPMG course. A clerk or whosoever told me dat, it's not easy to 'kheng'...like i want to...EFF him. U know wat, it's not dat i did not like to go for reservist, it's just dat with all these miscommunication, d pay department will surely make a mess of paying my salary. I hate d HR's system of handling d NS pay deduction if there is a small miscommunication. I used to c a colleague of mine who had to wait for at least a month later to get his payment settled but not before pursuing them.

Anyway, yesterday i went to cool myself by eating an 'earthquake' in swensen's, ice-cream lovers should know wat i mean, with my fiancee n her friends...hehehe.
Friday, September 27, 2002
Got back from d coffeeshop near my place. Some stupid discussion was underway. None to much of n interest to some of u. One of my friends told me dat if soccer was to b the root of all this commotion then he wouldn't want to play if it will ruin our friendship. Quite true naturally...hehehe. But i just brush it aside s a silly remark.

Some people likes to make use of discomfortness of these friendship s a tool to get away from d tension relating with friends. Stupid reasons really. May experience n time makes them be mature in their decision n not let feelings conquer their decisions. Pray n let Him makes d final answer.

I need a short break from these imbeciles...i need it fast...
Thursday, September 26, 2002
Sorry for not blogging these past few days...my pc kinda 'hang' for a while. Some grieving news pertaining of my bro.
His son was diagnosed with having a growth near his kidney n he is barely 2 yrs old!!! So sad n disturbing!!! I was
saddened by it. By d look on his son's face, i could only wish dat everything will b ok. Despite d discomfortness, he
was quite cheerful. May God have mercy on him.

Nothing much of an essence for me to write today. May just make myself a cup of hot coffee to cheer me up? Maybe i'll
just hang ard d internet to find some sources regarding d 'disease'.
Tuesday, September 24, 2002
for the exception of light, i'm writing this blog without looking for the words...hehehe. A challenge for me s my monitor has a few technical problems. Hope u guys don't mind reading my not-so-much-of-a writing blog...
Saturday, September 21, 2002
Celebrated mister 'j''s birthday yesterday in his crib...sort of. Had a sumptuous meal by his much better half...hehehe. Played some playstation games with the 'bigblackcow' n chatted with the bro dat is going to umrah. Can't stop thinking abt it when i was strolling back in the early morn, my bro is going there...umrah! Happy for him...i wish dat i had this 'pull' in me to go to. Maybe next time in d near future.

When u had a lot of things dat needed to b settle here in s'pore, not much is done if u had to run away n 'enjoy' d retreat. I would really love to go to some very fine sand beaches along the coastal strip of spain, maybe the ibiza? Or a simple getaway to langkawi or besar island? Frankly, throughout 3.5 years of working in my company, they had organized several trips to malacca, bangkok, besar island, pangkor island n even diving trips to some islands near pahang...F1 gathering in KL but i only travel overseas twice, sponsored by them. One is a tour to hot n humid shipyard near pasir gudang, malaysia to witness a giant monumental steam crackers or better known as the 'furnaces' by d petrochemical refinery guys. N another one to pattaya, thailand to train in petrochemical fire-fighting.

It's not dat i'm tied down or something like dat, it's just dat i'm thinking of something big later in life. Maybe i'll go with my love one in d future. I'm still very, very happy with her. I'm not compromising my happiness for anything else, mind u.
Tuesday, September 17, 2002
An attitude dat i've been holding on to years of living. Dat is 'TRUST'. A big word, mind u, n an even bigger responsibility to partake. I've seen some people took these word very lightly. Y do u think dat i would write abt it? Hmmmmpph...let's c...( Don't get me wrong, i really trust my girl an it's not abt her at all )

I have bros. A lot of friends. An even a lot of acquaintances. But i've found dat some of them couldn't be trusted. Luckily, not all came from d same group. Bros, we share a spiritual bonding between us. I kinda feel good being with them but lately this feeling just deteriorate down south when i'm ard with some of them. A few, sadly, couldn't even b trusted at all. Friends, wat can i say, some r good n some r bad. Some r happy n some r pathetic. They can b a trusting lot. But being with them makes u feel less pressurizing than d former. The friends dat i have right now ranges from my ex-schoolmates to my colleagues so if anyone of u dat fits d bill, go figure out which one r u. Acquaintances, they come n go s they please. No real connection between them. Seems dat i don't even have to know their father's name. Trust seems to b hanging somewhere up there when i'm with them. Not dat i don't trust them, it's just dat u don't have to if u don't want to.

Helping someone n trusting them is two different matter altogether. Loving someone n trusting them is wat i'm looking for in my bros. I don't care abt my other friends or acquaintances. What i c is dat, they can take care of themselves. Problems always arise when trust is broken. Lying became d common tool. Responsibility comes to nought. Trust, trust, trust...y is it so hard?

Some of u may not agree with my writings...maybe a lot of u. I don't mind. I don't really mind at all. I measure everyone with trust. Keeping quiet all this while did not make me a dull, boring person. I love to study d people who goes ard with me. Sometimes i make mistakes but i don't believe in keeping quiet to apologise to d affected person.

Been trying to update d blogs these few days but was unable to. A nearly busy week these has been. Don't worry, i'm not gonna bore u down with all d unnecessary details.

Last sunday, i took a day off from work to spend some quiet time with my fiancee at sentosa. Might sound boring for some but i found out dat d place was now well maintained n there were still a lot of visitors out there. Cafes n beach bars sprouted near d beach...a lot of 'ang mohs' trying to bronze themselves at d beach. Saw some 'action' at d beach too...hehehe. Well, europeans, they r always d exhibitionist.

Me n my girl spread our mats near a shady tree n watch d people ( people-watching )...love to do dat. Put some lotion on moi's body to keep cool...hehehe. Caught up with a bit of nap while she massaged my face. At times, i woke up n watched her doze off beside me. D atmosphere was very cool despite d sun shining near our place s it was windy. From my view, i could c d palm trees n 'short' coconut trees, gently swaying with d wind. Love d atmosphere...love d environment.

We did not wait until it was too dark to move off from dat place...( she will b working d next day )...wash-up, changed n took d monorail to catch d bus to mainland. Such a weekend it was...to b frank, nothing much was it? But it was much, much better n healthier dat way...*smile*
Friday, September 13, 2002
When i heard of all d things dat's been going ard with my bros, i feel very conscious with wat life they r going through later on in life. Couldn't help noticing d stupidity dat hovers ard their very head. Stupidity, foolishness, arrogant n d likes of it...u name it. Wat else can i say? Always in d thick of action with D&A. Wat's there in reducing the lifespan n suffers d aftermath. Religiously speaking, i'm not dat very pious myself. I'm very far from it but i really try to condone such acts which only young immature juvenile kids love to do. We r not young ourselves.

Matters like these makes me kinda angry. Angry at d defiance they show when approached. Makes me laugh n even sometimes, lots of times sad, when watching their foolish actions. I like to think of an advice from one my bros who says dat he stopped dealing with D&A a long, long time ago n wouldn't touch those things again. Hah! Those r just empty promises, well, he's been taking it again. So long promises! Hullo vices!

Wat i want to make them realise is dat, all d promises dat we made a few years back does not make anyone of u guys a better man. Advice n a helping hand is always there but we can only pray n advice.

Sad, very sad. I'm not sad abt them. LET THEM BE!!! I'm very sad abt d man who bonded us all. The man who is ready to help who ever in need n i'm not talking only abt financial help. Mostly abt everything in life. Frankly, i ever saw him going all out to help a bro who is in a very tight position. Well, he saw it through but in d end, dat bro is nowhere in sight. Not even there to help when others needed his help. Such arrogance. Such ignorant!!! There r other times when i could feel this man's pain...mostly due to some stupidity things dat d other bros do. What do d 'EFF' has he done to u guys! 'EFF' U GUYS!!!

Ya! I'm downright frustrated abt all this. If not for my nature to b very patient, i would just call d authorities. Mind u, i would! If these problem escalate n even brings to my attention dat mister 'j''s health is affected, don't ever say sorry to me!!! Enough said!!!

'EFF' to u all!!! 'EFF' to D&A!!!
Thursday, September 12, 2002
In d morning, i attended fire fighting trainig in pulau pesek, mobil tankfarm area. D weather was quite hot...very hot. Luckily, they supplied us with free-flow bottles of cold mineral water, 100 plus can drinks n surprise, surprise, del monte bananas. We started at abt 1230pm...good choice to develop skin cancer after all. Wearing those big 'bunker' suit really tested one's endurance. To make matters worse, we had to don SCBA ( Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus ) later in d course. Wooha!!!

During briefing, my eyes kept closed 85% of d time...don't ask me how i measure it...likewise, most of d so called 'fire fireghters' kept closing their eyes anyway...hehehe. Fighting those diesel-fed fires really was suffocating if we didn't wear those SCBA. Anyway, we finished all of d simulation without much hassle. Theoritically, we needed to train in sriracha, thailand, once every two years n to b d first to respond to emergency situation at work.

Never went to a funeral 'wake' before. Most likely i'll b going today to say my last goodbye to my late friend. Hopefully there will b someone i know out there so dat i will not feel alone out there.
Wednesday, September 11, 2002
An ordinary working day it turns out to b. Nothing special. During our routine morning meeting, my middle-line manager told us dat my late colleague's parents will b arriving here, in s'pore tomorrow, which was a surprise to all who heard. As china is big n to reach s'pore, u need at least two days to travel, provided dat d preparation is already taken into account. Two flights n a long bus ride!!! Later, i found out dat my company had contacted d china government to give special privileges for the trip.

From d looks of it, my company really took care of everything...i mean everything! They r going to take care of d bills, d insurance n together with d arrangements of d wake. In hearing these, i feel dat i indeed have found d right company to work.

Well, it still feels hurt to lose a close friend.
Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Slept early yesterday night. Awoken abt 11pm, a friend called me, telling me dat one of my colleague just had a motorbike accident. He told me if i would like to come along to visit the victim. I said dat it was quite late n told him to update d situation later if anything happens. Before hanging up, he told me dat my colleague was under critical condition. I was adament dat he could pull through...

But I was wrong, he died abt 1am because of severe head injury. I received an sms from my friend saying dat my colleague did not make it. He was reportedly to be 'brain dead' by d time he arrived in d hospital. his lungs were not working also despite of him being put on a respiratory machine s his heart was still strong.

Such was d life of a promising young man. A foreigner from a distant faraway land, toiling to make it to this trade. But his dedication towards work is unsurpass among most of his colleagues. I could just remember talking to him a few days before, at work. I'm sure to miss his corny jokes. His ever admiring ways to 'pinch' my ears gently whenever he sees me. I don't c myself saying this but i'm really going to miss him.

To date, i lost two of my colleagues n countless more injured, due to motorcycle accident. Its not dat i despise people who rides bikes but whatever d reason given, please b EXTRA careful when riding 'em.

To me these people is not my colleagues, they r more than dat. They r my friends...good friends.
Monday, September 09, 2002
Sent my fiancee to her first day at work today. Her working place is not dat far from here, only at holland ave...but s grogginess took over my caffeine-deficiency mind, we took d wrong bus n ended up near gleneagles hospital...hehehe...sorry my girl. Took an oncoming taxi n went straight to her place. Luckily we were not late or else she would kill me...hehehe...me bad, me very evil.

Met idris for breakfast though i just ate breakfast at my girl's workplace cafe. Both of us went to our usual coffeeshop, ate n chatted quite late. Then feeling rather groggy, we dragged ourselves to my crib n he immediately slept. I managed to clean my pet's tank...before following suit.

Woke up quite late in d afternoon, couldn't stand d spinning feeling in d head. After bidding farewell to idris, I laid my head back on some fluffy cushions. Sorry for not fetching u back home...girl.

Not much happen from then onwards. Ate dinner n called my girl. Thanx for linking dat guy...hehehe...
Sunday, September 08, 2002
Just came back from meeting with my fellow bros n friends at a coffeeshop near my place. Quite an exhilarating experience...hehehe. Our conversation started with d topic abt life sciences with herman's 'friend'. Uj started to tell her abt life sciences n d evolution of man according to this 'friend' of ours. But d excitment came when we talked abt d capitals of d world. Something to tickle our very minds in the early mornings. Who would think abt the capital of senegal, chad, mali or even trinidad n tobago? Who would ever give a damn abt such things? No, not us. At 3am in d morning, with nothing of an inkling to do abt anything...morning ramblings r very common for me n my accolades...hehehe.

What is exactly truffles? Here is some excerpts from somewhere:

Garland Gourmet Mushrooms and Truffles is owned and operated by Franklin and Betty Garland. We specialize in the propagation and cultivation of "black diamonds" (Black Perigord Truffles). The black truffle Tuber Melanosporum is originally from the Perigord region of France. Because of their intoxicating aroma and unique taste, these truffles are highly prized and command very high prices in the marketplace, from $500-$1000/LB wholesale to $1000-$2100/LB retail. They are nicknames "black diamonds" due to the combination of the faceted skin and high prices.

Such an expensive stuff...but i don't quite sure abt d taste. Y is it dat costly? Hmmmph...

Being me, just being me, i like to wonder abt things big n incredulously insignificantly small. Something caught my attention these few days. Like, y d hell the lights at d basketball n badminton courts stayed lighted throughout d night. It's just annoying to think of my younger days when we had to stop playing at abt 2200hrs when d lights goes out, not when we r tired. So we had to play according to d mercy of d lights's schedule ( if there is such a word )...

I often wonder wat is so 'happening' abt pasar malam nowadays. They r sprouting nearly everywhere. I used to go to these places to buy one thing, wadeh, which is a type of indian snack made up of flour n prawn...deep fried. Love those things but now there aren't much of them these days. Had to content myself with otah-otah...( another local delicacy ).

Makes me wonder again if i'm getting a bit old ( or too mature ) thinking abt stuffs like these. But i still love my younger days where innocent n naivety is d command of d day. Playing soccer n hide-n-seek was our favourite pastime during d fasting month although we were suppose to pray in d evenings. Playing hide-n-seek in singapore science centre was our favourite place...hehehe. D frequent 'meetings' with d cops did not deter us from playing there. Hehehe...we were bad, really bad.

But now s we grow older, me n my friends ( bros ), seems mature enough to think which is good for us...( not all, but some ) Age is catching up on us even if we ignore d presence of d existence ( white hairs or some prefer grey hairs ). Likewise, many just don't seem to mature quite s fast s d others. Some can b seen s d laughing stock to d others.

Well, i might divert alot from d original purpose of me writing today. But i just can't stop wondering...
Thursday, September 05, 2002
Felt a bit sleepy, just came back from a night of watching graphs n schematics in d console room...hfjhiruyiuyghsah! Love to work outdoors...with d time to smell d early dew, morning dew...c d sun rise from d sea/east...( actually, there's no place to sleep in d console ) Hope to get well quick but need a deferment/downgraded from my reservist camp...hehehe.

Just ate breakfast, watch tv n fed 'POD' my pet luohan. Such a quiet day it turns out to b...( school's out...hehehe ) Love it! Gonna sleep soon n work for another night shift then it's d weekends...hehehe. Time to spend with my fiancee. Love her! Good weekend everyone!!!
Wednesday, September 04, 2002
Went out with my fiancee on some job interview in tanjong pagar. D hustle n bustle of d crowd was overwhelming. I just hate it but luckily d weather was cool. Had late lunch in international building with her...while she flips through her resume n cv for her interview. D space in delifrance was a bit constraint but dat'll do to spend my lunch away.

Later dat day, we pass by at my company clinic to get myself a review from d doctor. Raffles place was also amass with all shapes n sizes of people. Surprisingly, none of them looked familiar to me...hehehe. Thought of going to eat some prata n some nice good ol' coffee but then i changed my mind, just to go to bugis area to munch some italian fodder.

By d time we went back, both of us could not keep our eyes wide open. So tired but in this crowded island of ours, nothing can b so serene n quiet to spend d afternoon. Next destination...HOME!
Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Been trying to write in d blog yesterday but my system got hanged...ARRGH!. Just came back from managing a futsal team from Jurong Central CSC. We drew 1-1 with Hong Kah North CSC. An achievement definitely, d fact dat we lack proper planning n preparation, we manged to find good players to form d team.

Gonna read something abt d rules on futsal. Not dat familiar with these 'floor-balls' kinda games. They, d organisers, tend to change some rules to suit themselves. Which sometimes makes me confuse. Some rules r either very relaxed or not implemented at all. Like d backpass to d custodian...

What we want to do for our next project is to organise a futsal tournament by Jurong Central. Nothing extravagant, just make it like our normal 7-a-side soccer tournament. But we had to organise it very thoroughly n expect little or no hiccups. Ok...ciao!
Sunday, September 01, 2002
So much has happen during these few days. I was very busy. A lot of ups n downs happen...phew! My inter-con team lost d last match against geylang serai csc, 0-1. If that is not enough, a teammate of mine had his head ended up in bandages s he was stepped on during d match. A large gash, about 4 cm, was sustained behind his head. One of my greatest concern is his vision s he complained of seeing 'round' things whenever he closed his eyes. So maybe he will not b playing soccer for at least a month.
For d good news...i just came back from managing a great side, which won d President's Challenge 2002 Futsal...WHOOHA! Quite a big event. D president, Mr. S R Nathan did came n i shook his hand on stage to receive d trophy n medals. Dat was wat i call a fruitful occasion! We took some pics down there.
Next week, i will managing another futsal team to play for another tournament, Score Futsal Tournament. Another prestigious tournament but we had some few problems in registering d players s some of them had some injuries. But i will stay with my decision n made d best of my knowledge to do what's best for d team. GO JURONG CENTRAL!!!
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