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Thursday, October 31, 2002
Got a mesage from a friend of mine dat idris n redzuan will b touching down in s'pore bringing d former's bride-to-be. I'm glad dat all d problems from morocco seems to b over. I hope dat they r ok. Very glad...

I woke up feeling very groggy at abt 12pm...too early! But my handphone has been bugging me with calls n sms from friends, colleagues n even bros. My colleagues reminded me dat today i had to 'feed' a whole lot of them, actually abt 11 of them, with deep fried spring chicken. They know dat i can only provide them with d best choice of food n halal ones. My supervisor was d one who told me to buy d food out of his 'generosity'? Maybe he struck d 4D?

Read uj's blog n realise dat UD was still fighting his tumour. I really would like to c dat guy fit n running. Maybe, i'll visit him someday. I would really want to. Wat problems someone is having is none to great than him.
Wednesday, October 30, 2002
The air was so calm went me n my friends out to have a small feast at al-azhar in d wee early in d mornings. Love d atmosphere, love d company. Such was d day which was also without some troubles by some of d friends dat i know. Who is without troubles, right? Who never experience tough times n turbulation? I have to but i try to rectify d problems without anyone interfering with it. More cooks may spoil d broth...right? I'm not condemning anybody in person, this is just a generalisation of some sort.

I really love to help but sometimes from a different point of view, i could c a different kinda solution ard d corner. U c, sometimes if we keep 'still' n 'quiet', trouble will not find us...most of d times, we ourselves find them. It's d way of d world. So to make matters short, i think i will stop n let my advise b d way to help anyone's burden for d matter. I'm clearly very dissappointed!!!
Monday, October 28, 2002
Last night, i went to johor via d second link. It was a chilling experience...literally. It was so cold there...d journey dat is. Luckily, i brought myself a windbreaker which more or less keeps me warm. Actually, we did not plan on doing anything much there. Just sit down n savour on some delicacies there.

On reaching a 'food centre', we immediately ordered fried chicken ala 'kentucky' fried-chicken style, but was out of stock...tried to order steam fish, but was already sold out...tried to ordered a bowl of 'maggi' curry noodles but was told dat it was out of stock too...hhmmph...in d end they managed to find d 'maggi' mee. It was not a good night to eat there. Most of d things r already sold out or out of stock. Such was d system there but i assure u dat i may want to try again some other place except dat area. Bad encounter!

In all we ate fried noodles with cockles, 'maggi' curry noodles, tom yam seafood n chicken in tamarind sauce (very poorly cooked... ). We also decided to buy 10 packets of burgers for d hungry folks, including uj, at our usual hangout. D journey back was n uneventful one.
Sunday, October 27, 2002
I took leave from work to spend d whole afternoon with my beloved one. We went to sentosa to hang ard. On reaching wtc, d heavens opened up n we had to take refuge along d overhead bridge which was fortunately was covered, barely. D prevailing was too strong n we were partly drenched...hehehe. My fiancee, with her gung-ho attitude, partly because she was cold, made d decision to just dash towards wtc. Trailing behind her, i was wary of her safety s her slippers looked quite slippery...hehehe.

We had to clear a number of 'hazards' along d way, some ankle deep puddles, unsheltered walkway n even a stretch of uncovered bus park. This reminds me of a tv show, 'who dares win' n we r d unwilling contestants. On arriving wtc's lobby, d atmosphere was encouraging though. D air-con was not dat cold, comparing outside. So, shivering but quite happy ( to get out of d rain ), we made our way to d muslim cafeteria to eat.

On reaching sentosa, d weather was very cooling n grey. Quite a nice weather to sit by d beach n snooze, dat's wat we do...hehehe. We wasted no time n head to 'tanjung beach' to laze ard. Not so many people tend to b here s it was at d tip of d island. D place was truly quiet except for a few couples hanging ard d area taking pictures for themselves. There r also some newly married couples, wearing their wedding garb with their cameraman, taking some shots near d beach. Love to b there again...
Friday, October 25, 2002
Mum's not cooking so i concoct myself to a feast. Not quite a feast. 'Maggi' mee to bb precise but a tinge different from d usual plus a bit of my dad's recipe n uj's.

1) A packet of 'maggi' mee...preferably chicken flavour.
2) A dollar worth of minced meat...either beef or chicken.
3) A few fishballs...better d raw type.
4) Two eggs...one for weight-watchers...hehehe.
5) Two cups of tap water...just to submerge d minced meat when cooking.
6) A lot of crushed black pepper.
7) Crushed cayenne pepper...can find in 'liberty' or 'jason's' supermarket.
8) Vegetables...e.g. cauliflower, spring onions...r optional.

Get a medium sized pot. Put in d minced meat n pour d water...make sure d meat is submerged. Let d fire turned to d lowest. Stir d contents till d meat turns from red to pale grey, usually about five minutes. Next, tear open d packet of 'soup mix' from inside d packet of 'maggi' mee n empty it in d pot. Stir it for a while then add d egg(s) in d mix. If d soup is too thick, add a bit more water to make it watery but not too much. Next, empty d noodles in d pot, stir d mix n cover it with a lid.
After abt two to three minutes, open d lid n stir d mix, making sure d noodles has started to get soften. Pour d rest of d contents...e.g. fishball, veges. n pour d cayenne pepper n black pepper sparingly. Cover back d pot. ( Do not overcook d seafood n veges...)
Cook abt three minutes more n voila, a feast fit for a bachelor!

Dat's wat i used to eat when i'm in dire sraits...hehehe...onced i serve my fiancee in a packed container. She said it was quite nice...but it's better when it's eaten hot, piping hot!
Thursday, October 24, 2002
Make a mess of myself in d morning. Well, i was suppose to meet my fiancee early to accompany her to her new job but i was extremely late! Sorry dear...i'll make up to u later. I think later i'm going to bring her on some window shopping or even shopping at zara. They have an array of nice collections. But d prices r a bit too steep but their models seems to b one of a kind.

I know she will b reading this blog so i'll bring myself to say dat i apologise n hope dat i will not do this stupid thing again. This is d second time i did this on ur first day of work. Good morning n take care...
Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Came back late yesterday night, actually i reach home abt 4 am in d mornin'. Went to d airport, send my bro n his family to morocco, in fact two of them. Such a big 'entourage'...well if u read my previous blog, one of my bros r going to get married overseas. My last glimpse of him of him being a bachelor. Hope d marriage ceremony turns out ok. Another bro followed him just to bring him d confidence. Maybe i'll b taking my leave to fetch them back on d 31st of this month.

After sending them, i went straight to 'makan' but my fav. restaurant out there 'popeye fried chicken' closed abt midnight. They serve one of d best chicken in singapoore, i dare say. Yea, i ate some of 'em before sending my bros but they r so delicious, i had to take them again...hehehe. While waiting for one of our friends who was working in d airport to come back, she went to send the group in d 'restricted hall', we sat down in coffeee club express to enjoy a cuppa.

Such an intimidating crowd stare us inside. Those were students from tertiary institutions, trying to stay awake n study...or is it? Perched in one corner, a student lay sleeping in her seat. Another one chatting with her partner or shall i say whispering sweet nothings. Yup, we were noisy down there...we were noisy! At abt 2 am n feeling a bit groggy we chatted stupid things...hehehe. But they shouldn't b studying over there. A sign clearly stands at an entrance, saying, 'no studying'. Some inconsiderate bunch of nincompoops...the more u study d more inconsiderate they all r...

I'm not against studying in cafe at all but this is different, y must look at us in dat way n expect us to b d same s them? No way! After an hour, we made our way down to d arrival hall to our 'awaiting' cabs. We past coffee bean n wat an atmosphere we saw over there. As usual, there were a bunch of these students studying there but d music was turned up to d extreme! Boy! Coffee bean rock!
Monday, October 21, 2002
Early in d morning, i followed a bro of mine to some procedures. He had to translate some documents to french s he had to bring them to morocco to wed a girl down there or is it up there? Our first destination was d cid branch near outram. The place was huge n becoz of d security threat, we had to walk through a metal delector. My bro collected a document stating dat he had no criminal record in singapore n apply for n exit permit to leave d country.

Our next destination was d supreme court. We had to walk through another metal detector. Security is sure is tight in these areas. Anyway, my bro had to interpret all his relevent documents including an acknowledgment certificate from d government telling dat he was never married here before. Well, i don't know dat there is such a 'certificate' exist here. Another friend of ours had to become d interpretor in french. She had to put in paper dat she was fluent in d language n took d oath in d oath room or some sort. Me, i was there just to past d time...hehehe...never before c d inside of d supreme court before...hehehe.

Next, we took lunch near boat quay, finished our sholat n took d cab to ministry of foreign affairs. My bro had to endorse all d documents. Outside, stood an intimidating gurkha guard with guns n all. Not unlikely d person u want to mess with. Over here there's no metal detector. A cosy environment though. My friend n i slumped on this soft sofa n immediately doze off...hehehe. For a whole of five minutes, my body was recharged...'power sleep' they say.

In d end, at abt 1515hrs, we departed our ways s i had to go n play soccer n my bro had one last assignment to do, to go to d moroccon consulate. He had to sent all d documents there for verification. Wat a pure hassle it was but it was n experience of some kinda nature.
Sunday, October 20, 2002
Watched d 'matrix' from three different location just now...hehehe. Inside bus number 196, going to my grandparent house in marine crescent, inside my grandparent house n again in a bus going back from marine crescent. Caught most of d movie but s usual, some of d shots r edited becoz of time consuming(?). It doesn't matter, i'm not d 'matrix' junkie.

Well, marine crescent do hold a special meaning to me s i was brought up there. In fact, i was born in dat same very flat. D place was always windy in d afternoons n i love to cycle by east coast park. Sometimes, i prefer to stroll along d area in d evening n go to d shopping complex, parkway parade which was a 'hip' kinda place when i was little. Sometimes, my uncle, my brother n me would go to 'toys 'r' us', near there n play ard d area...hehehe. Reminiscence good times...

I just came back a little of n hour ago. D place was transformed into something different, a sort of sculptured park. A new basketball court or two, was build in front of my grandparent's flat n a nice small theatrette was there too. It shows dat i have not been visiting this place for s long s i can remember. A little dissappointing perhaps...
Saturday, October 19, 2002
"Don't just make a corporation, make a community" A slogan for an event i attended just now. I just came back from d annual CCG, community corporate games. There's a whole lot of games involve on one day. Basketball, captain's ball, netball, badminton n a whole lot more. I attended d futsal tournament. Got d 1st runners up placing. Not bad for a bunch of make shift team who just learn how to play futsal...hehehe. It doesn't matter if we come in first or second...s we never entered d finals before. We were also shocked by d result.

After toiling for almost half a day, we made our way to kallang netball centre to attend d prize giving ceremony. Alas, d food was un-halal-able, if there's such a word so i down myself to some free flow of can drinks, abt 6 cans of it n all of it were citrus fruits/flavour. Yea, they have another type of drinks available...beer! Wat kind of a sporting activity dat promotes beer? By then some most of d competitors were already downing themselves with free alcohol ( singaporeans... ) n engorging themselves to free dinner. I voluntarily called d caterer just to satisfy myself. Introduced to him s one of d committee members n asked him if d food was halal. Got d same stupid answer which was not a yes or a no but 'our-kitchen-did-not-serve-pork-or-lard' for an answer. This really piss me off. N to top it all up was dat caterer told me dat they submitted for d halal cert to muis n r still waiting for d respond...yea right!

I'm not being dat particular with d arrangement. I don't mind not eating over there but wat kind of an answer was dat? R they trying to tell us dat if they did not serve pork or lard in their food, everything is halal? I give up...
Friday, October 18, 2002
Came back from work feeling a bit ill. Got myself a toothache or shall i say, a gum ache. My innner gums near d molar tooth was a bit swollen. Headache accompanies it too. Wat a day! Slept to abt 1.30am n just found out dat i had an appointment with uj...hehehe. With d unkempt hair, i rush out to meet d grumpy old man...hehehe.

D early morning was cold. Forgot to wear a windbreaker to shield myself. It would b better if i could just snuggle myself up in my bed. Read an SMS from d love one. Love her! On reaching my destination on my trusting vehicle, i was still in my groggy state. I couldn't hold a decent conversation s my head is still spinning ard. But occasionally a tinge in my spine allows me d decency to stay awake. Wat a freezing nite. At last, i initiate to go back early, which was not normal for me to do so, walked back with d grumpy one...hehehe.

On reaching home, i took some food n some panadol extra...chatted with my dad n watch some HBO movies. Now, i'm still wide awake, thinking of wat am i going to do next...hehehe. Maybe, in an hour or two i'll force myself to sleep. Good morning everyone!!!
Thursday, October 17, 2002
'Tutulga''s d name. A fine show she puts up. A fine show indeed...weeeweettt!!! Love d 'roller' man! Such nice buttons...u shld try it man! I would like everyone to welcome her to our blogsite. My new PC...a DELL 8200...hehehe. Her name just came to my mind after i turn her on! With her LCD 15" flat monitor...i couldn't believe, how it glows in front of me...hehehe. But anyway...a PC is like another PC...nothing much anyway...hehehe.

Actually, my mind is too tired to blog dat much. Tomorrow is going to b my last working day n then it will b off for three days...hhhmmmmph...gonna bring my girl to eat, eat, eat n time for some snuggling too....hehehe...i'lll save all d details. Love her!
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Spent some time with d guys yesterday, early morning, at our usual gathering. A peaceful ambience after three nights of work...12 hours! Before dat i went out with my fiancee to d esplanade for some scenic tour. It's different, d place is different...many changes to d scenery. Some new unheard of shops r located in d arts centre itself n there's a library too. Yea, i think i'm d last one to know abt these places.

Ate roti prata telur with cheese times two...yea...gluttony sets in yesterday. Read dat uj also had d same fixation of gluttony yesterday...hehehe. Top it all up with a glass of warm tea with milk...cool stuff though. I tend to take less coffee now. Coffee tends to reduce d calcium intake. I really DO need calcium...hehehe...not!

Now i'm feeling a bit hungry from blogging abt food from just now...read from no_knee n uj abt their episode on food...felt famish. Hope dat my girl is awake now...wanna bring her to eat. Ciao!
Monday, October 14, 2002
It's been a long while since i blog in this 'pavillion' of mine. My new PC will b coming soon, next week maybe? Likewise, i was working night shift these few days. Yea...i was one of d guys who spent d night near d esplanade with UJ dat day when d saudi prince invited me. D place was quite busy from d coming opening ceremony. Let's not talk abt it...not worth mentioning anyway...cause i did not go...hehehe.

I received a mail from a colleague of mine abt 'dajjal' n 'gog n ma'gog'. Very , very interesting...did some research abt it n read d e-mail abt d 'beings'. Sounds a bit creepy but somehow curious abt it. Sometimes these things r right under our noses but we tend to ignore it.

Anyway, i got some more of these irritating injuries from playing soccer, a scrape on d knee. It's always on d left one. Don't know how to protect it. Liken myself to put a bandage on it but i read it somewhere dat d best way to heal it is to left it in d open to 'dry' it. But in this kind of weather...wearing bermudas is not an option....too cold!!!
Thursday, October 10, 2002
Heard of d latest hang out in town? D esplanade area!!! Quite late to know abt it...yea...for someone whose PC has just gone kaboosh, it's something new to me. Gonna check it out later this month with my fiancee on our latest date...maybe.

Caught up with some SCV channel 58 movie this morning...bootmen. Nice show, more or else abt men working in a steel company raising money from tap dancing, pop style. Wish could dance like dat. Saw d latest justin timberlake music video? I don't mind d song...but d dance is awesome. It seems like d days of breakdancing is coming back! I preferably like one of d dancer beside justin during d end of d music video. He seems to b...more like getting 'electrocuted'. It's been awhile since i dance n my feet has gotten quite itchy...hehehe. Gone r d days of my yesteryears, it feels only yesterday dat i rock d floor, sometimes alone, most of d time alone...my friends couldn't catch up with moi exuberant, my constant flow of energy...hehehe.

Hmmmph...well, some people IS getting older, not excluding me. I can feel me slowing down alot. Most of my friends do not agree with me. They say dat it's only mental s they would feel very inferior of their prowess if i'm feeling dat way. They told me dat i'm d fittest person ard. Guess not...hehehe.
Wednesday, October 09, 2002
It seems like ages since i last touch d PC. My PC was in d dumps, literally. It couldn't b saved anymore. It is very old...pentium 1, Acer. Need to change a new one but i think i better had some money to spend other things...hehehe. Quite d same old day today started out to b but i woke up quite early despite sleeping late last night or rather early morning. D secret is dat my mom bought me a new headrest, a big pillow...just for me s i was always complaining dat d old pillow hurt my back n shoulders alot...hehehe. It might seems dat i m d pampered one but u know mom...they r all like dat, pampering their children in everyway they can...in one way or d other...*smile*

Yesterday, was one of my days where i enjoy working. I got to go outside n play with d machines...in case u don't know, i am a technician...hehehe. I realise dat working with hard hat or in a layman's term, helmet, really saves u a lot of head injuries. I knock my hard hat a couple of times in d last 3 years since i work there. Not d serious one though but all's well ends well. Funny but it's true...those unsightly goggles dat we were suppose to carry along also plays an important part in my work too. Sometimes, some contractors i saw really took things for granted but not me.

Last night, i received news from a friend of mine dat he will going back to jeddah by this sunday. As he couldn't get a job here, it is best for him to go. The singapore market is catering to the citizens n less on the foreigners unless u have special skills in some important line. I've seen some foreigners in my company, being taken back to their old plant after finishing their contract here in singapore. Sad to say, this freind of mine is easily miss if he is away. But i will b praying dat he will get a job here before his time runs out.
Saturday, October 05, 2002
Woke up early today...cause i slept like a log yesterday night. Thought of hanging out with d guys late last night but d body is not dat young n strong anymore...hehehe. Need to recuperate. Went to eat breakfast in d morning, abt 0700hrs. Luckily, there was not a lot of people at my usual breakfast joint. Bought myself 'nasi rawan' , a cup of hot chrysanthemum tea n some newspapers. I sit myself outside d food centre to get some 'fresh' air. Been there for less than 5 minutes then d skies open up. Hastily, i rushed to a nearby table with a canopy but some of d 'sambal belachan' dropped on moi's bermudas. Argh!...perfect! Just perfect!

Sitting under d shade really is cooling despite d heavy downpour within n armslength. It IS d start of a perfect day. Love d smell of rain...yup...if u sniff, u could acually smell it. Sort of d smell of morning dew but only stronger n refreshing. I don't need coffee to make me refresh. Some people might say dat this is d best time to catch some deep slumber. Pulled some thick blankets n snog d day away. Y waste a perfect morning? Alas, d rain just happen to wash d blues of yesterday. It stoppped suddenly just s it happen. D sun crept slowly up near d horizon. Looks like a good day to b by d beach. But i have other plans. Lunch date with my colleagues at cafe vienna...hhhmmmph...
Couldn't sleep from yesterday night...my pc was under maintenance. My bodyclock seems to b functioning abnormally. From d time i came back from my usual joint, abt 0330hrs, i immediately grab d remote controls n watched HBO, SPORTCENTER, AXN n a host of other late night shows. Some re-runs too like baby genius, big momma's house ( or something like dat )...etc. There were also some soccer channels previewing some great strikes. Occasionally, i would b feeding n mumbling with my luo han, pod.

In d afternoon, i went out to d job fair in cck with my beloved fiancee. D place was very crowded. Slowly d crowd began to grow bigger by d minute n so does d smell of sweaty armpits too. After browsing ard, we took d mrt to bukit batok to eat late lunch. My stomach was not dat hungry but i need to sit down. So does my better half. West point was not dat crowded. I love d kind of crowd they have there despite of a small crowd gathering in d foyer because of some sale.

After watching 'The Tuxedo', we went shopping for a while. Couldn't help it but i could see throngs n throngs of 'ah beng' there. Must have been saturday, their off day? Maybe...
Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Early in d morning i told myself to wake up early to go shopping for stuff but then nature had its own way. I woke up nearly 5 pm...hehehe. So my so -called 'mission' was abruptly destroyed. So does my early morning breakfast. Nothing was s irritating s waking up n c d sun was abt to set n u missed most of d day.

So without further a due, i washed up n went to fetch my beloved one but was late too. Something must b wrong. I was not always late at meeting people. Ah well...it must b one of those dreadful days. it seems dat i need a coffee break sometime sooner or i really will Break! Inside d MRT, i saw some poly teenagers with their big pants covering half of the soles of their sneakers. Dragging those poor pants along d corridors. Don't they find it disgusting, 'mopping' the floor using it? And maybe in the toilets too? Spoilt brat!

Anyway, i need to exercise my search on great bargains to shop ard our little island. Maybe there is really an outlet out there waiting for me to discover. And i need to change my oakley lens. It seems to flake off. I heard from a bro of mine, dat they can replace it for free if on certain defective reason. I hope they will...duh! I'm gonna get 'fire' lens in exchange for d ice blue one dat i now have. A nice change before d start of d new year? Hmmmmppph...i too should start saving. D fasting month is creeping fast...n it is d month of 'giving'...hehehe.
Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Woke up early, very early in d morning. Feeling quite better on my clavicles but i think i have to restraint from doing strenous exercise for d time being. Feeling rather distracted a moment yesterday, due to losing a bro through a complicated but stupid reason...not gonna mention it.

What am i gonna do today? Hmmmph...it's my off day today. Need to maximise my off days to d fullest. I think i need a new pair of pants n a nifty gift for someone's birthday. If he is reading this, i'm telling him, I NEVER FORGET UR BIRTHDAY!!! Gonna meet my fiancee later. Thought of having dinner with her somewhere...not costly though. Trying to cut down on moi's expenses, my mum always tried to make me eat at home...hehehe. Love her!!! Love my fiancee too!!!

Caught up reading some ghost/supernatural storybook. It's been awhile since i read a good book. One of d book dat i used to read is an autobiography by a french writer titled 'The Little Prince'. The book was recommended by my fiancee. She had this 'thing' abt good books. For me, i couldn't c a good book from d cover...hehehe. Quite a moving book. It had a deep meaning. Some readers may even find it a bit disturbing after reading it.

Give me a comic book anytime. I could browse it for hours at end. Not a care in d world...hehehe...not!
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