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Saturday, November 30, 2002
It's 0620hrs on a sunday morning...just finish my normal routine n switched on d pc to surf in d net. Can't help but my mind was clouded with queries from a discussion with uj. It makes me feel a bit different to c dat most of d people dat were once close to me drifted apart but then i could c some new faces joing d group. Others would say dat they might have gone away to live a better life but it is d other way round, or is it? I could feel d tension building up whenever i c n old friend 'leaving' d group. Hmmph...wat can i say, they could have been 'tormented' by d fact dat lives r harsh towards them. But dat's life...u can't change d destiny.

Truthfully, in their eyes, wat i c is d feeling of not getting enough attention from d crowd might b d reason of leaving. N i once heard dat i'm such 'lucky' person to lead a 'normal' live. Never have to face to d test of time. BULLSHIT!!! I did went through a lot of, wat they call, 'd test of life'. N i was once very, very down but dat was then. No one can lead me out of d dark unless we ourselves try to b 'normal'.

Yea...i once saw a group of them, a long time ago, happy, joking...partying. Not a care in d world. Hhhmpphh...ooo yea, i saw them making sure dat they r d coolest people on d planet. 'Trying' different kinds of brands...ooo yea...i saw them.

Can't help thinking, if responsibility is taking a back seat nowadays n when reality was shown in front of them, they still think dat life is being cruel to them. C'mon guys, grow up, face d world!!! Do wat u've been told...make urself a better man, whole lot of u, grow up!!! Sheesh!!! Stupid imbeciles!!!
Friday, November 29, 2002
After i finished my work this morning, i followed a group of my colleagues to millenia walk harvey norman to 'help' them to buy digicams using citibank readycredit. They r selling them at a very low price. Hehehe...unfortunately, as usual, we arrived there too late n d first fifty customers had already booked for d cameras well ahead before us, even before d shop was open. So we took a cab n went down to funan the i.t. mall to c if d new x-box selling at a low, low $188, had already been snapped up. But of course they were...hehehe. Typical singaporean s i explained to a colleague of mine who is an indian national.

So this colleague of mine told me dat he will want me to show him where to buy d anti-glare screen protector for his monitor. So i brought him to challenger superstore but dat too was not open...hehehe. I told them to go eat their breakfast, leaving me n another colleague of mine doing window shopping.

At ard 10:30am, we proceed to the challenger superstore to check out their wares. We then discovered dat they had this area where u could try ur skills on d new x-box. Hehehe...without hesitation i grab myself one of its gamepad. A funny-looking handheld it was. I was playing this game which was nearly a replica s medal of honor. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! S usual i lost...hehehe...can't get used to d idea of this odd-looking gamepad. My reviews on d graphics...quite ok. The price of d set...reasonable. Hehehe...s u can c...maybe, just maybe...
Monday, November 25, 2002
Well, i browse through some of my old digital pics from my old digital camera n found some exciting pics. I bet none of u have ever experience an outdoor performance like this before. D place was d esplanade, a group of talented french performers did wat i've never experience in my life. An outdoor performance with loud sounds n pyrotechnics in abundance. My fiancee told me dat this was n installation art at it's best. To b honest, d hot air balloons, shaped from dragons, fishes, n u neverknowwatitis...also graced d show...hehehe. In d end we were given confettii(s) to b thrown to each other...hehehe...
Seen anything like this before?

Hot air balloon...or is it?

Another view...

Front view

Red garoupa?

Frying d squid?

Watch s i make a fire...

The leader of d pack

Another big fish

The torch on!!!

Let d pyro begin!!!


Burn fish, burn!!!

Grand finale...

Due to d ever popular dendengs in d woodlands bazaar, i included this pic to show u guys d hardworking guys. Dengdang datang lagi dgn dendeng!!!

Dendeng Boyz

The Boss

Roasted chicken anyone?
Sunday, November 24, 2002
During these past few days, d weather seems to b really 'good' on me. Hehehe...coz it's rainig quite alot it seems. Being in d island, working, does takes up all d energy in me. We, d muslim guys n gals, really had to work extra hard...it's d humidity dat sometimes was quite unbearable to stand. Most of d times we would just hang ard in our tech shelter ,which was air-conditioned but when there's work to b done, there's nothing we can do abt it. Just do it!!! We had to brave d sun.

My supervisor is very supportive in our fasting month. He often told us to 'pace' ourselves when doing work n do not rush to finish a certain job. Looking out from my window, i could c d clouds turned to grey again. Hmmmph...maybe another rainy day but this time, i'll b home sleeping...hehehe. Tudeloo!!!
Saturday, November 23, 2002
One of d most annoying thing dat happen to me is these inconsiderate people who likes to use two lifts in my block to shift their furniture up or down. HDB should put a stop to it by telling them to use only one lift. Well, it all happen when i was dead beat from work today. Staggering back to my humble crib. Clutching my dinner with me...( laksa kerang )...i saw a few people waiting in front of the lifts. I know dat by the looks of their 'things', they wanted to use d lifts to carry up their things. But i didn't expect them to use both of them!!! I was quietly fuming!!! I just carry my heavily leaden legs up d stairs...to my floor.

I'm just wondering abt d people who lives higher than my flat. Well, ok, i live only on d 6th floor...hehehe. But my heart goes out to d affected people, like my girl. Love her...
Thursday, November 21, 2002
Got myself a digital camera from a friend of mine. Actually, he let my keep n experiment with it cause he bought nikon 'coolpix' n wanted to keep d former one. D one dat he lent it to me is sony cybershot dsc-p1, n old model of cybershot but with 3.3 megapixels. Good for printing with higher resolution. Might ask him if he wanted to sell this cam to me s i've been eyeing to buy one too...hehehe.

D pictures dat i took with this cam turns out quite good...but with more practice, i think i can take even better pics. Might want to go ard singapore n take some nice scenery. Maybe d singapore skyline near city hall will look fine in it? But now i'm surfing d net to find d current price for this cam s i will quote to him if i wanted to buy it...hehehe. So happy sahuring everyone...
Monday, November 18, 2002
Hmmph...a rainy day. A cool night. I wish it would b only b drizzling by d time i go out of my crib. I love d cool breeze when i ride my bike to b with my group at our usual hangout. Tomorrow, a bro of mine will register for his marriage with his wife in ROMM. Maybe i'll b going there n lend my support. It should b nothing much except a signature or two s they has already been married for d last two weeks.

Much has happen during these few weeks leading to this day. None am i gonna blog abt on my site. It was none to interesting to d readers anyway. But, all of d experience dat i've gone through doesn't really has anything to do with my fiancee n i thank God for it. So i bid tonight, like any other night...c u next time...

Saturday, November 16, 2002
Life is not dat bad despite all d hiccups dat's been going ard. I still can make do with d unpleasantries of friendship of some 'stoopid' people. Re-collection memories from d past, i could easily rake up some comments from people abt our group. Nothing much of n issue for me, just notable quotes which will b inside me for a long, long time. Simple thoughts of school days n trust between close friends makes me just want to b like d 'old' days but life has to go on. I now know who i can trust very well n which one i should avoid. Naivety n innocence has left me a long, long time ago. Cautiousness n resilience has stayed here instead. May there b another day in which i will b tested to d extreme. Where loyalty will b d issue n friendship will b at stake again. By then, i will know how far i'll go.
Friday, November 15, 2002
Y r sometimes people r so very hard to explain? Argh!!! Just now, i explained to two colleagues of mine abt d work which needed to b prepare tonight for tomorrow's project work. Both of them gave so many stupid questions like, 'do they have to', 'y must they do like this' or 'is it within d working limits'...I could 'vomit blood', if not for my patience, i would have flared up. So stubborn!!! Wat is it with these people? Do they know dat they could get into big trouble if they did not comply with d project work? In less than two weeks time, i'll b taking over this project n if i have an option, i wouldn't want to employ these kind of inconsiderate people. Sometimes if i have d power, i would have given them d boot!!!

Anyway, tomorrow will b another day to fast. Hopefully it'll b a better day than today. Maybe, i'll go for a check-up with my company doctor tomorrow n break my fast with my love one...miss her!!!
Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Just a thought, sharing d same birthday with 'enrique iglesias' n 'luis enrique' doesn't really make much difference with my status in life...hehehe. S most of u know d former 'enrique' is a superstar singer s for d latter, he is a prolific spanish soccer midfielder. I'm not banking on their appearance n status...n i'm no latino heat...hehehe...but i feel dat when i celebrate my birthday, i share my day with them...hhhmmph. N sharing with these superstar with d same name IS exceptional. My fiancee shares hers with 'audrey hepburn'...hehehe. How bout urs?
Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Not been blogging these past few days...busy at work.

On sunday, i was planning to go to work slowly n wanted to browse in 'selera ramadhan' for some food to break my fast but i was called up a bit early from a colleague of mine saying dat there was n emergency at work. So without hesitation, i leapt up from my deep slumber, rushed down to d food bazaar n grabbed watever food dat i can manage to get...for d previous shift guys also. Yup! It was n emergency alright, i'll save all d technical stuff from u guys. In d end of d long n tiresome night, i was drenched with cold firewater, some hydrocarbon smell on my uniform n worse of all, wet underwear. Luckily, i had some underwear in d locker room. I took a warm shower n quickly changed to anew set of uniforms. By then it was nearly 4 am...

I was suppose to take my leave on monday night but my leave was cancelled due to some unscheduled work in my work area. It was not a busy night but they would rather get s much manpower s possible.

Today, when i came back from work in d morning, my head was a bit spinning n i decided to take a short nap before going to d doctor to have my scheduled check-up on d collar bone but i woke up too late...abt 4 pm so i had to scheduled for another day. So i fetch my girl back from work n went home straight. Don't know y but i was actually quite relieve when i'm with her. Got a message from a friend dat i had to come back to work tomorrow morning. Yup, n overtime but on a fasting month? I hate dat...cobaan!!!
Saturday, November 09, 2002
Woke up quite early in d afternoon, thought of waking up at ard 5 pm due to me working later d graveyard shift later. Feeling rather hot n stuffy coz d trusting fan was out of order...gone zoink!!! Just made d ting work again by putting grease at d fan's shaft...by dad. Saw a HBO show on tv abt d fate of joan d'arc again. Saw d show a couple of times but i still think dat burning a person on a stake is such a cruel way to die. Better to chop someone's head off than to be tortured n feel d intense heat which he/she will b experiencing later...if u know wat i mean...hehehe. Fed 'pod' my fish. It has been very energetic since i transfer him to his new tank. It's playmate, 'hitam' d sucker fish was also very active, usually in d night.

Thought of bringing my friend's roast chicken to work to break my fast n a packet of fried noodles for sahur later but maybe i'll find some unfamiliar food later on. Such food which u can only find it during d fasting month. Mmm...love to 'browse' ard 'selera ramadhan' bazaar. Hopefully tonight will b a peceful n quiet night then i can zzz...hehehe.
Thursday, November 07, 2002
I went to a friend's place in 'selera ramadhan' to hand ard his shop, selling d ever popular 'dendeng' n honey flavoured spring chicken. As i was dressed up for a rendezvous with my fiancee n uj n wifey, i stayed clea of d hot plate which was frying d 'dendeng'. Occaionally, i was caught up with a whiff of d aromatic smell of d stuff. Ooo...i had to buy for my fiancee. She love it! Couldn't keep my eyes off d rotating machine with d blinking-blue light on top of d roasting machine. It was actually d roasting machine for d spring chicken. With d glistening coloured n brownish red texture, i decided to buy a piece of d bird, 5 bucks, not bad.

So if u r in dat area, near d old jurong west, do follow d blinking blue light n do give a try on d savouring 'dendeng' n chicken before it is too late.
Wednesday, November 06, 2002
I met a girl abt three years ago during this month too. A kinda different girl, i say. D first time we met through d net was n unpleasant one...hehehe. She kinda hated my presence...i think she really tried to 'shoo' me away. It was during this time dat i really have d kind of feeling dat this girl is somewat kinda interesting. We chatted through d month of ramadhan through sahur n before she went to school. It was enjoyable chatting to her s she was a 'speed-typer'.

D first words she reply were quite harsh ones...hehehe...dat doesn't really bother me quite s much s i had friends who spoke nasty languages much more than her. Anyway, it turns out dat she was n still a much shy gal to b with. To me she is very special...love to b with her. Articulate too...she often chatted in poems when we were in d net...hehehe...i used to tell her dat i love her shakespearen phrases n still do. Alas, she is now my fiancee...love u.
Tuesday, November 05, 2002
Tomorrow will b d first of ramadhan n muslims ard d world will b fasting. Guess most of us know wat it is so no point explaining further. Last weekend i attend a wedding ceremony of my bro, my close one. He, if u already know, married a moroccon woman. Despite d complications bringing her here, they finally got married in his house. A different occasion from d normal wedding ceremony we singaporeans used to have. Most of d guest attended it was of pakistani descendents s my bro is one of them. There r also some other natinality too. One of his cousin married a thai woman n another one, a turkish lady. His own brother married a pakistani gal. It seems dat his family is really multi-national...hehehe. There were also alot of beautiful kids running ard his terrace house.

A sort of a big ceremony but quite a simple gathering. No big planning n to make things really different...he took d marriage oath in arabic. Awesome dude...hehehe.
Saturday, November 02, 2002
Been quite busy these few days...yesterday i went to d esplanade n experience one of d best interactive art installation works...maybe dats my first time...hehehe. But frankly, it was very enjoyable. A team of french performers entertain us, my fiancee, me n a thousand others ( more or less )... to an array of pyrotechnics n hand-held hot air balloons. It attracted both young n old...of all generation. D sound was very energetic n vibrant. Forgot d name of d performers but they will b performing tonite n tomorrow at 8 pm. Should watch!!! Just wait if my photos will b ready n i will share d pics to u guys.
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