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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
Last saturday, after attending a wedding function, i boarded a taxi bound to ubi. On my way there to play soccer. Feeling a bit drowsy s i did not get enough sleep last night. Suddenly i felt a 'creeping' feeling on my left arm. I looked at my arm n there it was. Two beady eyes ataring at me. I quickly brushed it aside...it quickly scurried away to the front seat of d taxi. D driver did not not notice it. I could just imagine if uj or idris were in my situation...hehehe. They would definitely scream...hehehe.
Friday, December 20, 2002
What can i say. After getting my new position in my company, i did not have time to update d blog. My eyes had been tune to d pc almost half of d time at work. Getting really tired. This weekend gonna b quite busy too. May need to slow down a bit. An open house at my bro's place n before dat a visit to my aunt's place. Will b going to meet up with my girl tomorrow n cheer her up. She's been down with d flu. So sad...

Maybe later i'm gonna rest my head n eyes from this 'radiation-laden' monitor...hehehe...bye!
Friday, December 13, 2002
Went home yesterday abt 5pm, 'tumpang' a colleague of mine to bukit gombak mrt. Planning to fetch my girl out to dinner, somewhere. Being very early, i dropped in yishun which was once a 'haunting' place of mine s i used to serve my ns near here. Northpoint sure is different from d last two years. No more toys 'r' us...too bad. Thought of buying sumthing...hehehe. Bought myself d much talked abt drink, pepsi blue. Well, d packaging looks appealing enough but d taste stays d same. Good publicity n i'm such a victim. Later, i bought a small hotdog for my girl to munch before going out to eat our dinner

So after touring almost d whole of d shopping centre, i hasten my feet to yio chu kang to fetch her. Inside d mrt, i couldn't help seeing d hari raya 'kunjung-mengunjung' crews still very much alive. From small kids to young adults alike. Colorful kurungs n sampings brighten d carridges, drowning d sombre-looking faces of after-hours crowd. It reminded me of my younger years when i would travel to 'great' distances, just to visit friends n colleagues houses' alike. Nowadays, i feel dat d shyness in me is slowly creeping out or maybe d laziness in me? I used to organize these events...hehehe.

Anyway, i'll b going to my friends houses' today n maybe host a few of them today. SELAMAT HARI LEBARAN PADA SEMUA BLOGGERS!!!
Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Got myself a new post n some new responsibilities a few days ago. Not necessarily a payrise but it will come in handy in d near future...hehehe. From me working out in d 'field', maintaining d plant to sitting deskbound...(sort of)...planning, calculating, rewriting procedures, stock-taking...etc. It's more like hard labour on d mind...D MIND BOGGLES!!!

Got myself a colleague, who formerly was handling all these 'stuffs' to teach me on some computer basics. Yea...i'm very weak on d 'basic skills' of pc...hehehe. Spend almost 12 hours just now trying to make things work on these stupid formulae. What annoys me was d hectic schedule those 'bosses' want d things done. Maybe they too was being pushed by d higher authorities...but wat do i care...hehehe...i'll just do s careful n safely s i can...hehehe. In fact, i really do enjoy working, s i thank God for i have d strength to feed my family.

So, to all those who complained abt d hard work n long hours out there...just think abt people who would really like to fill in ur shoes at a drop of a hat...hehehe.
Sunday, December 08, 2002
Have not been blogging for d past days, i know. Not dat busy or anything but i have no time to access to d net for a while s d bro n sis have been hogging d pc...hehehe. Not much had happen on d first day of lebaran. Went to grandma's place n my aunt's place at marine parade n clementi, respectively. Then i stayed at my fiancee's place to look after her cat n fishes s she n her family went to malacca dat night. It was not all difficult taking care of d cat, chomot. She frequently would come out of her 'hiding' place n sat beside me, sniffing me...hehehe.

Second day of syawal, i went to visit my bros' fiancee's house...(dat was a mouthful)...got to eat d real stuff!!! U name it, sambal sotong, fried chicken, lontong, ketupat, beef rendang, serunding, serunding kampung, bagedil, chicken cooked in red hot sambal...hehehe...etc. Being a fan of chicken, fried chicken dat is, i ate quite a lot...hehehe. Went home feeling rather heavy...

Third day, after woking up quite late to meet uj n d gang for a gathering at d former's place. I received a message from my fiancee dat she was had just reached singapore. Hehehe...actually we just missed each other. I was in d bus heading homw from her house n she was at d carpark unloading d foodstuffs which she bought from malacca. Ooo...her parents bought my family something...hehehe. I love free stuff. Went to uj's place although a little bit late but not dat late...a few of d guys were not there yet. So, i let my eyes wander towards d kitchen...ooo...mee soto!!! Hehehe...so i hover ard d dining area towhet my appetite. One of d first to savour d delicacies was me...hehehe. Boy was i hungry...two servings please...
Monday, December 02, 2002
Hehehe...went ot to fetch my girl back from work. Went to break our fast behind boat quay...ate some indian food...hehehe...nice though. Later, we went to one fullerton n straight to d esplanade. Walked slowly, gracing d pavement...saw a couple smooching by d sidewalk, a chinese man n an 'ang moh' girl. Hehehe...maybe d sight of d esplanade did make n 'impact' on them.

Walked together hand-in-hand towards d entrance of d esplanade when suddenly i saw 'it'. Wat is it, u might say? I saw d exhibition dat i've been waiting for for a long time...hehehe...actually, during last november. Inside, near d entrance, there stood 8 pillars which hung thousands of photographs o them. But i knew dat one of the photos was mine. Well, sort of...it started like this, a few weeks before november, i was hanging outside mcdees near boat quay. There came a woman, in her late 40's who came to us, introduced to us by d name of amanda. She said dat she wants to take some pics ard singapore for her exhibition in november. Pictures depicting d faces of our people. So, after much hesitation i volunteered while d rest of my friends just stood there...hehehe. So there it is...my pic is on d left pillar , near d entrance of d esplanade...hehehe...first row...near effendy sabtu's face...(if u know him)...i kinda like my pic...maybe i could contact amanda to give me d pic...(ooo...so vain)...hehehe...

Sunday, December 01, 2002
Quite a nice day today was. Woke up quite late in d afternoon...nope, in fact very late until i miss my rendezvous withmy girl. Sorry there girl...hehehe. So i quickly washed up n went straight down to meet her near my block n join her to buy some delicacies for iftar. Clearly if anybody would have seen me would know dat i just woke up...not d hair which was always messy but d face with obvious 'scar' marks on my cheek...hehehe. I couldn't care less, my girl is more important...hehehe.

Bought several food in 'selera ramadhan' n went straight to a pet shop near my area. We saw some cute lovely 'lovebirds' snuggling with each other. Quite pity to c them in one cage, a whole lot of them abt 20 or so. Behind me, a shopkeeper showed a little girl how to handle one of those birds n stroke it. Occasionally, the bird tends to slip away n flew a few metres away but d shopkeeper managed to catch it back. Puzzled, my girl told me dat maybe d shopkeeper had snip part of it's wings. Upon examining it closely, i could managed to c d 'mangled' wings...abt 1/3 of it was spared. Poor thing!!!

While i watch in disgust, d little girl was enjoying herself, stroking d BIRD!!!
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