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Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Today I woke up very early, don't know y...but my eyes were very sleepy. Reached work at abt 0645hrs. Gone to change n straight away to my cubicle. I switch on d pc n make myself a cup of coffee. Likewise, I sat down n enjoy my cuppa. There was no one ard...it was very quiet n peaceful so I switched on my walkie to hear d operations in d field. At times, I could imagine myself outside doing work with them, just by hearing their conversation. After finishing my cuppa, I decided to give a hand to d operations s I had some time to spare whereas I heard dat they need some helping hand in d field.

Came back to d office, all sweaty but lively at ard 0800hrs. Dat was some exercise!!! Wat I did not realise was dat later I was 'given' a stack of 'projects' to finish up within a specific time. It was not what I had intended. To cut d story short...*boring*...I left d office at abt 2000hrs. But it was funny though, it seems dat d day ended d same s it began, d office was once again quiet n peaceful when I left!!!
Monday, January 27, 2003
Went to lunch late today...about 1230hrs...hehehe...(usually took lunch about 1130hrs) So I had to contend myself in eating lunch with d technical folks. They r actually, mostly d nerdy-looking engineers...hehehe, but these r a different breed...sort of. One of them is an indian national who is very intelligent. Usually these guys don't talk about nothing but work but I found out dat he believes in astrology, horoscope n some cosmic-logy-of-some-sort. One of d engineers ask him dat he can't motivate himself because of tons of work he received. This guy (indian national) told him dat d changes in our lives has something to do with d moving planets eg. jupiter, saturn etc. So d unmotivated guy was quick to ask, how can he feel motivated n with his birthdate, how to encounter his boring, unmotivated days...(in a jest mode) This indian national guy told him wheather have we ever read about d poetry by john *something*...which most of us don't know s we r not into poetry...hehehe. He told us dat it was a famous poet who wrote "The nightingale"...

So he continued dat we can never b contented with life n wat we have but d best thing n cheapest fulfilment is to dream. It doesn't cost a cent n it can gives us wat sometimes we couldn't get. "Utopia" dat's wat he said. Some place where everything is perfect. Then another female engineer said dat she remembered d word utopia from a disney movie..."Bug's Life"...hehehe...yea right...but then after all this conversation d question is never answered.
Sunday, January 26, 2003
Saturday, January 25, 2003
Yesterday, I went to c d doctor in raffles place for n xray. He told me dat my knee is perfect, no broken bones watsoever but d swelling still did not come down. He advised me to c d orthopaedic in nuh for further observation by the 'knee' doctor to c if my meniscus is injured. I fixed n appointment next week with nuh n was told dat maybe if I need a surgery, it might cost ard *gulp* $5,000. Wow! I hope not!

Then I went to orchard with my love one to do some 'small' shopping spree...hehehe. Got myself a dark red shirt from 'quicksilver' with hibiscus motifs...hehehe, a brown-colored shirt from 'seed', another brownish-green shirt from 'hob nob' with another flower motifs...hehehe...n a body wash from 'original source' which cost me altogether ard $120, nice bargain is it? Next, we spent our evening chatting common stuffs at 'coffee bean' near 'borders'. Nice day is it?
Wednesday, January 22, 2003
Some pictures from Sunday's ZOO trip...

Sheba looks for her fish during token feeding.

Phytons are beautiful...
do u know that they dislike being touched on d face and at d tip of their tails?

Cute.. hehehe.

Magnificiently built animals...

By d way... can u spot d dfference between a jaguar and a leopard?
So tired today...hehehe. I boarded my company bus n told d grumpy-looking bus driver dat i'm alighting at lakeside mrt. Slumped on my seat n quickly doze off. A few minutes later, if it was dat short, i opened my eyes n gaze out of d window n found out dat i was well on my to chua chu kang...( dat's d next destination d bus was heading )...oopps...i must have overslept. So with my dark sunglassess, i just kept my cool n continue to act s normal.

I sat up n d driver suddenly noticed me through his rea-view mirror. He must have noticed dat I did not alighted from his bus. So I looked away, knowing dat I was d guilty party. On nearing chua chu kang, I walked slowly towards d front of d bus to alight...( it's d only door to board n alight ). He stopped near a busstop near lot 1 shopping centre. He reached through his pocket n offered to hand me a $10 note. I was puzzled. He told me dat he took a wrong turn n totally forget dat I need to get down at lakeside. I smiled n said no problem, I can take d mrt...but he insisted on it n told me to take d taxi because of his mistake. I just politely decline d offer. So I just tapped him on d shoulder n alighted d bus.

Well, it was partly my mistake. I shouldn't b sleeping in d first place. N how would u feel if u took his money n deep down inside u just couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy or shall I say, guilty? But, come to think of it, it actually makes me very warm inside...hehehe...ciao!!!
Monday, January 20, 2003
I got another MC. Ho-hum...how i did it? Simple...I just went to my company's clinic to report of my so called 'accident' in d field n d doctor prescribed some red n white capsules to try out. Some sort of painkillers. So I popped it up n immediately after two hours, a walking goldfish was seen in exxonmobil. Yup...my eyes swelled to d extreme...hehehe. So now i'm allergic to voltaren, inducit (d name of dat red n white capsule) n maybe vioxx. Maybe I shld try something more, out of these family of painkillers, d doc told me. I had to fill up a form to b sent to a place in buona vista to make me a medi-awas card to indicate my allerginess. Used to b able to take everything...every medicine but d doc told me dat maybe I just develop these symptoms. Got a jab to reduce d swelling n a 'new' set of medicine...hehehe.

Anyway, d doc examine my knee n to my relieve, he told me dat it's not d dreaded ACL injury but maybe my meniscus had a tear...just maybe. He's check was rather frightening. There, me, in my underwear n he pushing n pulling my knee. Pinning it down with his fingers...prodding d ligaments n finally, jerking d calf to confirm dat it's not ACL injury. Hope I may b well...hehehe...bye!!!
Played my first game with exxonmobil this year. The pitch was all wet, muddy but not slippery. Got my first goal for d team through n exquisite through ball from a colleague. After dat, d opponent was very frustrated by d way we 'stroke' d ball although d pitch was deemed not playable. A rule in soccer which was always broken...never play soccer in these preposterous condition.

Then it all started...s I was winning d ball between two opponents, I attempted to 'flipped' past n on rushing slide from another one. D latter seems to find a way in unlocking my knee...hhmmph...ooomph...'crack'...mmmph...eeergh...n many more sounds was heard. Amazingly, he was not booked. D ball just trickled forward, untouched!!! Then I straightened both my legs n massaged for a while. It seems like a tingling feeling n I thought it was okay, I played on.

I received d ball again shortly, ran past two defenders n attempted a shot with d keeper in full view but before I can unleash it, d tingling sensation returned...ooommphh...'crack'...eergh...d ball was skybound. D feeling was even much, much more disturbing from just now. But I kept playing again. On receiving d next pass from a colleague, I lobbed a through ball to one of my strikers n immediately was grounded...hhhmmmhph...oooomph...'crack'....eergh. Dat was it!!! I stopped totally...I can't even kick d ball!!!

Couldn't help it. I think I need to put it on ice. Likewise stay out for tomorrow's game. This is very disturbing but there's a twist to this tale...we won...9-2...hehehe...so long!!!
Sunday, January 19, 2003
Yup...went to d zoo just. Lots of new animals down there. Love to c d manatees having their late lunch, a show of elephants showing their prowes in carryingthose damn, big logs...hehehe. Well, it was raining just now but it was enjoyable too. D lions doesn't seem to mind d downpour though. D camels seems very proud in their enclosure. Munching on leaves n held up their nose high up in d air. D polar bears...yes...d polar bears...hehehe...they were seen playing 'fishing' with d live fishes being thrown in by their keepers. If it's not raining, d amphitheatre would b very crowded but today was abit different. Such was d day of raining makes. Anyway, I truly enjoy this day with my love one. And d best thing is, entry to d zoo IS FREE!!! Complimentary from my company...hehehe. Maybe...just maybe...next time will b different...hehehe...
Tuesday, January 14, 2003
Got my first MC for the year '03. I wouldn't want to anyway but d folks at work 'pushed' me to c d doctor...even my lovely one...hehehe. I woke up early for work n found out dat during d night my mum actually put some 'koyok' on my temple. So sweet...she told me, in d morning, dat i was mumbling, telling her to put 'koyok' on my temple...hehehe. Silly me! Went straight to work wearing double layered clothing to c d doctor. On reaching there, I was too early so I managed d notes for d morning meeting to b handed to my colleague. I found out, abt 3 of my colleagues also got d symptoms.

Saw d doctor abt 8 am n he told me dat he had to take my blood samples for further verification s wat kind of disease i contracted. He suspected flu or maybe even dengue s some of my colleagues contracted dengue last few days ago. Ooo...dat's deep man! Wasted no time, after getting my MC, I straight away gave d slip to my supervisor n went back.

After I reached my designated stop, I stumbled upon n old, blind man waiting for d bus. He was seen patiently standing there. A thought came to my mind, how could he possibly know when his bus is coming? I greet him n asked him wat bus was he waiting? He told me he needed to cross d road n take 198 to great world city to work. I offered my services to him n walked him to d busstop. S I chatted with him, he told me dat he is working in a feet reflexology massage parlour in great world city. His earns by commissions n occasionally, there's no business...no commission. Feels a bit moved by his words but I can c dat he is n independent man. I waited n talked with him till his bus arrived. When d bus driver saw him they enggaged in a conversation. I think all the 198 bus drivers knew him. So I bid adieu to him.

It's not dat hard being nice to people but many people i've seen are either too arrogant or self-centered. To conclude, pls, if u guys wants to have a foot massage, pls visit his place...GREAT WORLD CITY...ciao!
Saturday, January 11, 2003
Yesterday, I went where none of my bros n friends had never went before...unless the air stewards/stewardesses...but that's a different story altogether. Anyway, I went flying in a plane (like d one u c with d fan at d nose eg. fokker, cessna)...n je suis d co-pilot! I sat at d cockpit, dats all...hehehe. Three of us...my colleagues, went flying ard, part of s'pore. We couldn't fly ard d whole of s'pore due to security reason but it's enough.

My colleague told me dat he had to complete 8hrs of flying a year, just to keep his flying licence so we...hehehe...took d advantage to follow him up there. An hour of flying cost him $200...*yipe*. He also told us dat he planned to go for a short trip to malacca during one of these weeks. Dat would b fun. While we were up there, ard yishun, he demonstrated wat is G-force. So he tilted his plane to a certain angle n just defied gravity. *Whoosh*...it feels like ur head was being put on a clamp...blood was gushing up n it feels hard to maintain urself from 'smiling'. He explained to us dat it was only 1G. Fighter pilots sometimes train to abt 5G, so this was nothing he said.

After an hour of flying ard d north n southwest of s'pore we finally landed smoothly. Thank God...hehehe! Wouldn't mind going again though...hehehe.
Wednesday, January 08, 2003
Some further thoughts from duri...yup...maybe dat "lai" 7x is not d one she mention in d first place...maybe it's from chinese word namely "come come come". further thougts of dis songs reveal dat maybe mnasir is talking abt our origins? Well, so confusing but intriguing...

Hehehe...anyway, there on d left is my beloved "POD", my luohan. Colourful isn't he?
Monday, January 06, 2003
Hullo there fellow bloggers...got this one from one of d bloggers...noridah a.k.a.duri...read on. It's from n m.nasir song, Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud...

That was based on the book Conference of Birds or Musyawarah Burung2 by Faridu'Din Attar. Hoopoe led a conference for all birds worldwide on a quest to find the one, Simorgh. And the birds came up with all kind of excuses, which were tackled one by one by hoopoe (hud hud). At the end only 30 birds survived the journey. And the 30 (si) birds (morgh) met Simorgh. Then they realised what they are looking for is actually themselves.

MNasir used this story for his Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud. Was talking to a friend about it. He agreed with most of my interpretation, so I guess maybe it is the right guess.

73 pintu...73 tiga jalan... yang sampai hanya satu jalan... satu jalan 73 pecahan dalam agama Islam, yang jitu hanya satu Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah. Based on the book..Beribu-ribu margasatwa.. mencari raja si murag (Simorgh)... yang sampai hanya 30...30 30 here could also symbolise 30 juz Al'Quran.

Ohhh... Sang Algojo...oohhh nanti dulu... berikanku kesempatan akhir ini... untuk menyatakan kalimah sebenanya... berikanku kesempatan akhir ini.... lai lai lai lai lai lai lai The person begged that Sang Algojo, probably malaikat maut, to give him the last chance to say the right kalimah.. in this case the syahadah. However its a distorted syahadah that came out. Instead of La Illaha Illahah...he went lai (7X). Mungkin lidahnya dah keras, its too late afterall...dia sudah sesat jalan. This part leaves a sick feeling in my stomach, becoz its scary yet Nasir sings it like a happy song.

Lihat dunia dari mata burung... Atau dari dalam tempurung... Yang mana satu engkau pilih... Dalam kalut ada peraturan... Peraturan mencipta kekalutan ...Di mana pula kau berdiri... Di sini This part I thot its how when faced with conflict, a hadis was given out... thus giving some sort of order for chaos. However interpretations of the hadis led to more chaos or kekalutan... which is also the basis for the pecahan of 73 discriminations earlier. My friend felt that its more of in terms Al'Quran diturunkan sewaktu jahiliah zaman kekalutan dan kekolotan, thus creates some sort of order, peraturan.

Lang mengsilang...kui mesikui... Nak kata orang bukan orang nak kata hantu bukan hantu. If you watched Madu Tiga, when the apek nak lompat to commit suicide from the tree, he said this phrase... Nang bo Ti Nag...Kui meng si Kui.. smtg like tt lah.

But Im a bit puzzled. In the book, hud hud symbolises a leader leading masses towards the One. However in the song hud hud he said... tanya sama itu, kerana dia yang bawa aku ke mari. Is the hud hud here derailed him into the wrong direction... thus hud hud..is lang mengsilang kui mengsikui... bukan orang, bukan hantu, tak tahu apa kejadah. Hud hud instead of bringing him to the right direction... in this case derailed him further. Just like what keeps happening when one followed the leader blindly.

Or maybe Hud Hud did show him the rite direction, but he is the lang mengsilang kui mengsikui.. and he blamed it on Hud Hud when things turned bad. Padahal dia yang terpesong, dia yang songsang. Its like not taking responsibility for his actions.

And why Lang mengsilang Kui Mengsikui...in hokkien. Is there a connotation of race here? Is MNasir trying to comment smtg here, maybe on racial issues that led to all these confusion. Brilliant piece of work huh... now u understand my love for his works.

Quite scary don't u think? Hehehe...
Friday, January 03, 2003
I don't know y nights r getting much more sleepy for me. Usually, i could stay awake till abt 6 am but i couldn't keep my eyes open when d clock strike 12...am dat is. Maybe working in d day n lack of caffeine really takes d toll on me...usually i would down two cups of caffeine a day but because i tried to cut down on it, due to d fact of doctor's advice, i'd rather stop. Not completely though, just for now...until i get my clavicles strong. Sorry guys, for me going back early yesterday...i had to s i had a breakfast date with my colleagues...(i was even late...hehehe)

Today's recipe...hainanese chicken rice...me gonna cook it with my dearie. Hehehe...got to try on moi cooking skills though. Makes me 'survive' in times of need. Tried making cakes with her a few days before. The result was rather sweet, judging by d 'expert'...hehehe. Sweet-toothed fairy might do a great deal of work in this area...hehehe. Got to call her for our rendezvous timing. Bye!
Thursday, January 02, 2003
A long, long time ago...i used to frequent this blog. Updating it has been my most enjoyable moment. Love every detail of reading it too. But, nature has turn it's tide for d better, yes...better. I m busy. Very, very busy. Sometimes, i even skip my resting period. I'm working like a dog...hehehe. Then came d exhaustion after reaching home. Sometimes, i would c my fiancee after work n eat dinner with her. Occasionally, i would have dinner with my friends or bros.

It would seem dat this is torturing me but actually it's very exciting n i wouldn't mind doing it for a year...(dat's how long i would stay in my new post) An experience like this makes me gain a bit of weight (surprisingly!). Maybe, sitting down using d pc for d whole day, almost the whole day, contributes to d extra pound. Anyway, my love seems to like d idea of me gaining a bit of fat...hehehe.

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