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Thursday, February 27, 2003
Yesterday, I met d orthopaedic in NUH regarding my right knee. It was an 'experience' dat I can't forget. Reaching there ard 1000hrs and stayed till 1700hrs. Whew! Wat a day...

1015hrs: I reached d orthopaedic clinic C counter early, just to make sure I can b back to werk later after d check-up. D nurse told me dat they tried to call me d day before to change my appointment but they got d wrong number. So I requested to c d specialist dat day n she told me to come 2 hours later n told me not to b late. I decided to go to queensway to browse d shops.

1230hrs: Reached d clinic n was told to wait for my turn outside d room. I could c alot of other patients there. I knew dat it will b a long wait till my turn. Hmph...never mind, I thought, I had a lot of time in my hand.

1315hrs: My name was called n I went in n was asked d necessary questions abt allergies, past records...blah blah blah. The doctor then told me to lie on a bed n massage my injured knee. She occasionally 'wriggled' it to make sure it's not 'loose'. After examining my knee, she told me dat d injury is not dat bad n may not need a surgery. Dat was a relieve! In came d professor. I was told from my previous doctor dat he was n experience man who loves d study of knees. They called him d 'knee doctor'...not imaginative enough...hehehe. Maybe I can call him 'Docknee'? Or 'Kneedoc'? Anyway, he asked me several questions n twisted my knee a bit. After a few 'oww' n 'oow', the 'Kneedoc' told me I needed a surgery s I'm still young n soccer will b out of d question if it stays this way. He also told me it's best to go for an MRI to further confirm his sceptical. Then he ask me abt my occupation n which company am I working. Afte answering him, he let out a huge sigh n even ordered me to go for n MRI. He explained dat it's good for me to do n MRI n with a stable n huge financial backing from my company, I shouldn't b worry abt d cost. Yea right!!!

1425hrs: I straight away went to d MRI counter to register for my next appointment. They said dat there was aslot to do d MRI today at abt 1600hrs if I want. I said ok since I knew dat I decided not to go to werk later. I also went to register for a session of physiotherapy on next saturday. Hmmph...

1600hrs: I took a nap near d counter facing d tv showing CNN...conflicts in d region, water issue, middle east, NAM...doze off a little when suddenly I heard a huge growling noise beside me. I turned my head slowly n saw this 50ish-looking man...snoring!!! There goes my sleep!!! Luckily soon after he was a woken by a nurse, maybe it's his turn to do MRI. Couldn't sleep, bought myself a cuppa n read some newspapers.

1625hrs: My turn came n I went inside a changing room to change to a kimono-like gown. So cute!!! Hehehe...kept all my metal stuff in a drawer. S I entered d MRI scanning room, I imagined myself in some sophisticated-atmosphere-like-spaceship. I was made to sit in a mat outside this huge machine. My injured knee was put inside a hollow kinda object which was fixed on d mat. My other knee was suppose to lie by d side. Then she told me to lie down on d pillow, blanket covering me n face d ceiling. Told to put d earplugs (it's a bit noisy without it), not to move n...(this is d best part)...sleep!!! Sleep for thirty minutes!!! Hehehe...so I did my best...before I knew it I was in dreamland.

1655hrs: My therapy was over by then. Changed to my clothes, a bit groggy n went straight out of d hospital. D sleep somehow energized me. But u should c d bill dat accompanied with it...hehehe.
Saturday, February 22, 2003
Just came back from d triangular street soccer tournament...had to send only two out of three teams cause some of d team players 'bubbled' us (if there's such a word). We did not win eventually...none of d team won cause d sky opened up n d organizers had to cancel d match. Received some souvenirs n had dinner from d organizers. I was equally relieved to know dat d players who came today did their very best n we should top d league if not for d rain. Both our teams played twice each n won twice n drew twice. May d heavens bring us gd luck s two of our players were badly innjured (a suspected broken rib n a sprain ankle) n I had to become d last resort to stand-in for them. But luckily before d action starts, d rain blessed me. Thank God!!! (my knee hasn't been in gd form lately).
Thursday, February 20, 2003
Got an e-mail last week abt giving me dat extra to form three street soccer teams. Wat d ****! Ok, so wat I did next was to call d players for this saturday triangular street soccer tournament with two more neighbouring companies, Teijin n SOXAL/IPG. Got myself some 20 faithful players (heard dat some couldn't make it because of family problems). So I was particularly relieved dat my job was almost done...then d problem came. My responsibility goes beyond dat...now I had to find abt 2 sets of jerseys, getting some souvenirs for d tournament, convincing d players it's worth it...(yea right)...n i'm only a technician!!! I love playing soccer but not these last 'minute' burden like these. So now, i'm my own kit-man, coach, organiser, manager cum captain...****!!!

To make matters worse, a rep from one of d opponent side told me dat d event IS quite BIG!!! How big u say? Their director n plant manager will b coming!!! And they kinda ask 'nicely' if there will b any 'hotshot' coming on this saturday. Yea right...I thought getting d players for d tournament was difficult but now it's nuch worse. It really doesn't really help working in a large company like mine to tell d manager to come? So I just told d rep dat maybe d 'hotshot' will not come but I told them dat my MC (manufacturing coordinator) will b coming, better still playing...hehehe...maybe it helps getting a long title like dat to sound so prestigious...hehehe.

So in d end n itinery was sent to me from d organising committee (y wasn't I told?) through fax. Another surprise, dinner n drinks will b provided...if dat's any relieve, this would b it. So in d end, I would like to thank d person who 'voted' me to be in this role. Pray for me...

(P.S. **** may or may not b a vulgar word. It's a freedom of choice...*wink*)
Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Wat does frustration leads to? Anger? Sadness? Confused? Well, some or none of these i'm sure. Hmmph...it sometimes makes someone a born-loser. Wat is a born-loser? Someone who is totally unlucky in life? Maybe...maybe not. But a born-loser is mostly someone who doesn't strive in life. Gives up most of d times n blame it on fate. Hmmph...not good really, not good at all. D saying goes "every dog has it days"...it makes no difference if this statement is true cause if there's no commitment in finding d one we want, nothing will happen.

Yea...I might b talking crap, in other words, wat do I know? Wat I know is dat i was not brought up being fed with a silver spoon n neither have I ever been born rich, powerful n influential. I work my way up...n still am, mind u! Not everyone will have d same kind of living like any Tom, Dick n Harry. Living is wat all of us r doing right now. So stop wasting precious time n make d best of it! WE R NOT GETTING YOUNGER!!!

(P.S. these writings has nothing to do with anyone being dead or alive but in any case whatsoever pls don't sue me...hehehe...)
Monday, February 17, 2003
Read dat PSA is laying some their workers...hhmph...still, some people just take it easy in finding jobs. And a lot of people r still taking their current job for granted. One of d ways to beat getting d sack is to upgrade oneself, take some courses which can help secure our job n make ourself valuable for d employers. Just a thought...

Heard from a colleague of mine dat there will b a well-known french cosmetic company, dat is going to build a plant here in jurong island. Which will it b? Yves saintlaurent? Guerlain? Lancome maybe? Well, i just wait n c...this is good news s it will create more jobs for s'poreans...n for those of u who have been trying to find jobs, keep on trying n never give up. Rezki is waiting for those who's patient. But for those who never try at all n gives up easily, dream on guys!!!
Saturday, February 15, 2003
Thought of going to d gym today to get rid of some 'bicycle tyres' ard d waist...hehehe. Make it nicer mah...but d knee says otherwise. It still is not dat strong yet. I've been pampering it for quite a while, need to b ready for d big tournament...hehehe. My boots have been yearning for me to wear 'em. It seems cobwebs have been settling in 'em. Hehehe...could have been worse but dat's another story.

Now I think dat my job kinda consume my free time to write in d blog...haih!!! Anyway, I really do enjoy d tight deadlines n busy schedule my company has been handing me over for d last few weeks. Kinda makes u feel important to b there...hehehe...
Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Just finish 'helping' out at pasir panjang, well sort of. Went there with my dad n he straight away join his band of usual gatherings in chopping d 'korban'. I made my way to a shade s usual n hang ard d area watching d sacrificial act. Every year it'll b d same for me. Just follow my dad there...n do nothing...hehehe. There were a lot of people down there, guys usually showing off their stunts in catching d sheep n pretend to b sheep herders...hehehe. But I just couldn't make out d masochistic behaviour after getting their fingers all dirty n slimy from carrying those sheep...hehehe. Actually, d whole crowd might want to join d circus or work in d ranch after this. Most of these lad r youngsters who r going for some initiation of some sort, egged along by their fellow 'herders'...ho-hum. So s usual I made my way to d nearest coffeeshop to have my breakfast...2 eggs n a glass of hot black coffee. Mind u d coffeeshop is abt 400 metres away...n dat's d nearest but d hunger pang makes u c dat otherwise.

Later, I'll b joining my family on a trip to my grandma's place for some 'kenduri' arwah. In memory of my granddad's who passed away a few years ago during this day...c ya!
Saturday, February 08, 2003
Sometimes when u least expect it, u find something along d way. I'm not talking abt unlikely stuff like someone just comes along n plant a kiss on ur cheek but something u fnd when u r walking along, minding ur own business. Once I found a $2 note near my carpark. Of course I took it. Well, there's a thin line between dishonesty n 'straight'. Then on n occasion where I was just lounging myself on a couch in hyatt hotel attending n exhibition, I found a nokia 'butterfly'...(I just couldn't get d series right)...handphone near some cushions. D first thought was just to take it n throw d sim card away but my love one told me to call d owner n returned it back. Yup, dat's wat I did...called d owner n left d handphone at d reception counter. Honesty maybe?

Some of my bros might b reading this entry n wondered how many handphone became d victim of my negligence, for d last 5 years. To b frank, 3, let me c...d old ericsson, tortoise-shelled cover...(forget d series again), motorola v90 series n nokia 8850. It seems dat, I need to buy cheap phones nowadays so it won't break my heart if it gets lost again.

Now, after much 'changing' of handphones, ard happening in my home, I'm using my big bro's 'used' handphone, nokia 8210 while my dad is using my second hand nokia 8850which I bought from a friend after some time. My little sis is using another nokia handphone dat has a radio in it, GPRS...(damn I hate those confusing series). She used to use d motorola handphone V series dat can b flipped...Argh!!! Now I think i'll stop here from all those confusing numbers n models in my head, need to sleep...
Friday, February 07, 2003
Somewhere in this world, there seems to b unhappiness shrouded on some individual. One, who in much unknown circumstances felt very foolish n unmistakably blame on the economic structure for d lack of job opportunity. I just couldn't tolerate d ones who gives up easily. Maybe they want the finest things in life to drop from d sky an unto their lap, childish thinking! Wat is a bit of hardship, in referring to d constant search for employment, than to a lifetime of suffering? A soldier is wat they must become. To fight d hardship n live for something, worth living for.

Struggles. Many of us do struggle but how far r we willing to take? Dat's d question. Who will eventually fall n bounce back again? It's imminent to find people to succeed in life without having to struggle in life. Such is d way d world goes. It shouldn't makes us feel down n to quit on our journey to succeed. It should makes us even stronger, realizing dat d journey ahead is no small feat. D journey ahead will eventually lead to our success. Getting d best things in life is n ever constant battle. A battle which needed some sacrifices to make it happen. Success doesn't happen overnight, it takes a lifetime to achieve.

(P.S. these writings has nothing to do with anyone being dead or alive but in any case whatsoever pls don't sue me...hehehe...)
Tuesday, February 04, 2003
Stayed in marriott hotel last sunday thru monday morn. Felt boring so I checked in. Not many people knew it until d last moment...hehehe. Suppose to b a surprise for some but d guys n gals had other plan in store for d evening so 'some' of us kept mum abt it...hehehe. Thanx georgie...

D room was situated on d 24th floor with a clear view of lido, orchard mrt, scotts rd, borders...i think u know wat i mean. D view was very nice...hehehe. Spent half d day in d bathtub, soaking in d milk solution which I bought at guardian's. D only store dat I could find open on d second day of cny. Spending there watching d mtv awards in d comfort of my cushy bed...ooo...I really enjoy d serenity. Some might call me crazy, having to spend my dough on some hotel room in s'pore but dat's wat I need to relax from d hustle n bustle of this small island of ours. Thought of calling room service over but to think twice, I would rather have dinner with my love one...*wink wink*...hehehe. So, I travelled westward to jurong east to meet her. Ate two plates of chicken noodles n chatted till late...hehehe. Love her...

P.S. Heard dat Schnoogums changed her nick to Dugong...pls use her new name...
Saturday, February 01, 2003
Wat else is new? D space shuttle crash again. Wat else is new? Chinese new year n abt every store in s'pore is close. Wat is new? D weather is mostly cloudy n raining. So wat's new? Going back late from late nite eating at sembawang...hehehe. Well, dat is new.

Actually, my bros n I have been frequently eating at sembawang A&Z restaurant nearly everyday...in d wee hours of d morning, for abt a week. Love d atmosphere, especially d food. A lot of variety n quite a resonable price too. Met some 'celebrities' over there too. Not d one u c in d telly but d ones dat u hate to c...hehehe. Maybe, tonite or rather this morning would b different? We'll c...
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