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Saturday, March 29, 2003
Love d weather nowadays. Whenever when d sun shines very bright n hot in d day, it will often b associated with showers later in d day. Hmmph...sometimes it would rain alot during d day too. May d weather will not b erratic like it used too. In d early, wee hours of d morning, with only 98.7 s my companion, I used to remember my good ol' days. Silly ol' me! D good ol' days will never come back. It will never b there when u need it.

With all d paranoia abt SARS. I just couldn't help but think dat s a child, we feel vulnerable to d environment. Sometimes, we may not even understand to get hit by circumstances. Love it or hate it, we r very fragile. D human race is very fragile! With d war brewing in d mid-east. One missile n a small town will b wipe out. Not to mention d whole lot of innocent people who was much more vulnerable than us. Just a msg to some people, we may b safe here from d war but d real war we have to face is in our own hearts. May our anger never conquer it cause disaster will happen...surely.
Monday, March 24, 2003
Suddenly i feel dat i've been eating alot these few days. Maybe i'm growing. D phase where most guys go thru. D phase where our tummies grew s fast s our armpit hair...hehehe. Usually, I eat a lot but my weight seems constantly low. Nowadays, I found out dat eating a bit more than usual, my weight shoots up quite rapidly. One of d causes due to d increase is d fact dat I did not do my normal workout anymore due to my injuries...soccer injuries. But nevertheless, my aim to increase my weight from my secondary school days finally did achieve. Next, I would want to keep it dat way but put a bit more shape to it...hehehe.
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
With d impending war looming ahead, a few hours later, I can't help but think wat will become of our fragile economy? Will we succumb to d nasty battle which we would already know d consequences? I hate to think of it...

Just now, my workplace was a bit hyped up about d war. Maybe, the government will make n extreme security measure to curb any ilegal activities on jurong island. A lot of american companies r situated there so dat's y d concern is much highlighted. Hmmph...let's c these few days, maybe or maybe not...
Thursday, March 13, 2003
Wat a hot day these few days. Jurong island seems to b like in d desert. U could c d 'heatwave' from d roadside, luckilly, my office is air-conditioned. Seems like I love d office very much these days...hehehe. Once in a while, i'll 'tour' ard d plant, just to catchup with my buddies n breathe some 'fresh' air. My trusty 'vehicle' seems to b rusting away. I think I would go n take a new one from d shed...hehehe. Despite, d hectic schedule in d office, I managed to slip out a couple of times to d plant, made myself busy n helped my colleagues. This way, I hope dat I may not forget d line-up of my former position s a field tech.

It's true dat there is a lot of politics in d office. It sometimes makes me very wary of people inside. Even d closest of colleagues can b ur enemy...most hatred enemy!!! Have to watch every step of d way though. Being in d shadow of someone may not b a good idea. Most of d times we have to stand for our right...our own two feet. I found out, not many people likes to do dat. A lot of 'em likes to be spoon fed n they earn big bucks!!! I watched in disgust s they slithered their way out of 'situations' so dat they will not get involve. Haih...life, so many challenges...
Sunday, March 09, 2003
A few weeks ago, I attend a course regarding safety in some local hotel here. Most of d times, I love to attend these courses outside d island. Makes our mind feel less stress...hehehe.

One of d questions dat still stuck in my mind was, should we ASSUME? Corny s it may b but everyone would say no coz it'll makes n ass of u n me. There's a colleague of mine had a different idea of assumption. He told d audience dat we must assume. In a very logical way, he told us dat, without assumption, we may not thinking d consequences dat may happen in d future...

For example, let me put it this way, a guy comes along n place a PDA in his drawer, in his cubicle without locking it n went away to eat lunch. He assumed dat nothing will happen with his PDA s there r alot of people ard n it's in broad daylight. WALAA!!! As such his PDA was stolen when he went back to claim it after lunch. This guy assumes dat d security camera would help him catch d notorious thief but d camera was facing d other way, not at his cubicle at dat time. Pity him!!!

If he would just lock his drawer he might not get his belongings lost (1st assumption) n he only assumes dat d camera might help him but...nah!!! (2nd assumption, too late). In general, always assume before n after a job is done.

(P.S. d story is a fact. It happened at my workplace...peace!!!)
Saturday, March 08, 2003
I woke up quite early this morning, abt 0700hrs. Felt a bit groggy in d head. Came back from my nightly gatherings abt 0400hrs d day before...hehehe. Got up, went straight to d shower. I had a physiotherapy appointment at 0850hrs. Don't wanna b late. First impression counts...whatever.

Reaching NUH d place was quite cold, thinking to myself, I should have bring my sweater but anyway. D therapy went on smoothly. D physio concentrate more on my right leg. He told me to build some strength ard d knee, thigh n calf muscle so dat it will not impede my movement. D one dat I enjoyed most was d 'electric massage' treatment dat they applied on d 'swollen' knee. It was sure a 'knee-jerk' reaction...hehehe.

After abt one n a half hour, d therapy was over. I scheduled for d next session, two weeks from now. D physio told me to do more bending exercise but not kicking (ho-hum). Preparing myself to leave d place, (n continue my sleep while waiting for my love one to call) I received an sms a few minutes ago. I also had 1 missed call abt d same time by d same person. It was one of colleague. She told me dat there was a 'power dip' in our plant. They need us to b back there. THERE GOES MY DAY!!! I could just imagine myself sweating in d hot mid-day sun on saturday morning!!!

Board d taxi n went straight to jurong island. Outside my company's gates, I couldn't make out any emergency s everything seems perfectly 'ok'. Hhmmph...nemmind, I changed to my coveralls n straightaway went to d control room. I was told some of d plant beside mine had to 'shutdown' because of d 'dip' but luckily ours still stands. So I took my trusty 'vehicle' n went to d site. Everything seems quiet so I decided to make myself busy n tour d whole plant. After abt n hour later, I let my tired legs make their way to d 'technician's shed' n rest my head. I got to enjoy abt half an hour of sleep...er...nap.

Woke up, ate our lunch n went back to my office. Got news from my superior dat I could stay if I want to but...nah. I got myself changed n got a colleague of mine to drive me home. Sometimes I think, I need a long vacation...really, a long, long one. Too tired leh!!!
Wednesday, March 05, 2003
What's ur type of getaway? A holiday maybe? A spa n massage in some tropical beach? Love to do dat...but mine seems a bit odd. I love to taste d pleasure of spending a night in some hotels in s'pore. Quite unusual, some called me crazy (but really did asked to include them, u know wat I mean), some told me dat i'll b wasting my money (n if drinking booze n taking drugs doesn't!?) n yadayadayada. Pan pac, marriot n rasa sentosa r some of my destinations. Hopefully, if i'm not 'crazy' enough, i'll try ritz carlton. But watever it is...it won't b dat 'near' in d future. I can bet u!!! So brace urself, keep on living n keep cool!!! Peace...

(P.S. surely, I have nothing else to say, so if this entry is short, sue me!!!...)
Monday, March 03, 2003
Just return from work, feeling rather sick. Don't know y. Every other day, a colleague of mine came to my cubicle (or sometimes called me when I passed his cubicle), showing me his rather 'cool' safety glassess. He was proud s his name was printed at d side of d thing. He told me dat someone left it on d table on d weekend. Leaving his place, I wondered to myself dat I never imagine working in d office near to my 'mentor'. Yup, he was my 'mentor'. He was d one who 'taught' d operations in my unit. A rather peculiar guy nowadays since he now did almost nothing. Just sit there, in his cubicle, day in n day out, sometimes reading newspapers n e-mails. I feel pity for him, it's not dat he couldn't work but I sense a feeling of insecurity in d office environment whenever a project was handed to him. Occasionally, I overheard dat he will b transferred out from my department n was suppose to b in our company's 'projects' department. Dat was last two months ago...

Sitting down sipping on my cuppa, thinking, I feel dat it's better for an individual who works for a specialize job rather than a job is created specially to fit d individual. D latter will feel dat he/she is not s 'important' for d department. It's like just to fill up a quota. Maybe, d first to b 'kicked' out when d tide's low. I feel for him. Wat can I say, I need this job...I need to accomplish n prove to my bossess...hehehe...good monday 030303...
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