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Monday, April 28, 2003
Wat is it with people nowadays? Makes me feel very, all so squirmy thinking of it. Stupid people...bitchy people...stupid, bitchy people. Not many r sincere enough to b call a friend. One day, they will b asking u for help n by d next minute, they'll b hogging for help...hhmph. Help comes in many ways, sincerity or d opposite. I feel very disgusted thinking of people demands for charity. It shld b given from d heart but not through d nose...ah well...just feel like voicing out dat's all...so how's ur day?
Thursday, April 24, 2003
Wat a day! Wat a day! A hectic it may b, actually I doze off a couple of times in front of d pc, in my cubicle (which was in facing my deputy complex manager's office) n luckily nobody noticed s I wore my cap rather low near my brow...hehehe. Wat a day! I was called by my plant manger n was told to present my findings on d unit's situation in front of d other 'bosses'...wat crap! N d presentation is on d 8th of may!!! Wat crap!!!

Wat a day! I think I would cut my hair...hmph...bald, yup, shave off d head clean. So, d audience will just watch my head rather than hear me giving my speech...hehehe. Too short a time n lot of things to b done...wat a day!!!
Saturday, April 19, 2003
My weekend was a 'hectic' one. I went to nuh to visit d physiotherapy. Before meeting them, I was given a questionaire by some nurses who even proceed to take my temperature...in d ear. A EARATURE? Anyway, my body heat is only 36 deg. Nothing to worry abt. D nurses, wearing surgical masks n suit, gave me a surgical mask n told me how to use it. I only wore it for a few minutes n it's not compulsary unless if u want it. D physio lasted abt two hours.

Yesterday, I received n sms from a colleague of mine, reminding me dat yesterday was d 4th anniversary of my employment with my company...hehehe. Just a thought, not to b boastful or whatever, I actually lasted in this company longer than all of my known bros or friends who started finding jobs nearly d same time s me...hehehe. 4 YEARS OF EMPLOYMENT!!! I feel old...
Monday, April 14, 2003
S usual, I usually send my girl back to her crib. N s usual I waited for d bus back home. This day, normally I would find some things which catches my eye...i picked up a 5c coin on d floor. Some people may think dat d coin may not cost a thing but my unusual self would like to keep these things dat may not seem of great value. Historically, I picked up quite a bountiful 'loot'. I used to pick up a $2 note in my meeting rm at my werkplace...hehehe, a gold earring, alot of coins during my morning meetings with d 'gang' at 'sleven'...n just yesterday, I picked up a silver bracelet near d busstop near my fiance's place.

But I used to pick up a handphone but eventually I gave it back to d owner. For me, I know how it feels to lose a handphone...hehehe.
Thursday, April 10, 2003
Ate lunch with a colleague. We were talking abt d job which was to b completed later on when she called a technical guy to join in for lunch (d guy was holding his lunch n was searching for a place to sit)...he looked quite pleased to c us. He is n indonesian engineer whom i've never talked before...(i'm a shy person wat...hehehe) My colleague introduced me to him. They knew each other because they went diving, with a few others in d malaysian waters a few months ago.

She was chatting abt d coming trip she will b going n invited him along. This guy was a jovial person, i noticed. Then came d topic abt 'first job'. He asked if this is first real job. Yup...it was n my colleague said dat she used to work in some cafe making coffee...(nope, not dat coffeebean type of cafe...) D conversation became much more interesting s he told us dat he was once a waiter n worked his way up to become a bartender...(he studied full-time n works to support himself...)

Sometimes he had to work long hrs, just to make up d money although occasionnally, he would take a quick nap near d icebox. Onced, a customer asked his colleague, y was he sleeping there. His colleague told d customer dat my indon friend was sick. So d customer gave him NT$100 to buy medicine!!! Easy money...hehehe... He actually kept a lot of d cocktail concoctions in his palm. D guy showed to us, my friend was truly impressed...

From his previous life, he told me dat he had to work hard to keep d tips he earned to pay for his studies...did I mention dat he studied in taiwan? Sometimes when d weather gets too cold in d winter, he had to cover himself in his blanket, put on some warm clothing n revised his books at night. When d weather becomes hot, in d summer, he had to go down to mcdees to study there s it is one of d few places which is airconditioned. D varsiti library, his room n most of d places only provide fans to keep cool. At mcdees, he would sometimes ordered a coke n stayed there for almost 5 hrs! Such was d life of n individual who wants to achieve greater things in life...i'm greatly impressed!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003
I was held in a meeting with my plant manager n his no.2 so I missed my company bus back home. My boss was equally surprise, at d werk dat has been piling up for me when he took over this position last month or so. He told me to let all this unnecessary stuff like ordering tools with procurement, asking quotation from vendors n d likes to a dedicated person, naturally to d staff assistant. Dat I got to c...hehehe. It was hard to tell her to order these things s she says dat it was not her job in d first place but if my boss ordered her to do it, I can't c how she can push d responsibility to me...hehehe...

Letting her do all these things comes with a price too. My boss n his no.2 man told me dat I must now concentrate fully on my job scope n monitor d operation of my 'baby' fully. All d operations, day in day out need to b recorded n graphically shown in detail. Graphs, calculations, adjusting values of such, needs to b carefully handled in d strictest of manner. D key is, not to lose more money n make productivity go up...well, I always think dat d company IS making money but they seems dat it's not enough n needs to OPTIMISE d potential. I don't really mind, at least they employ me right?

I could c me become more n more reliable to d company...hehehe...n dat's good, very good. So how's ur day...my bloggers?
Friday, April 04, 2003
The pubs are still making great bucks in Boat Quay, music 'blaring' in them too. Spent nearly half n hour walking thru' d street down there. Not much to do after my trip to d gym near d area. I could easily remember when I use to frequent these places when I was very young. During my NS days...hehehe. No, i'm not d hardcore type, just d one who sits at d coffeebean, sip on some coffee concoction n listen to musics of our generation. Sometimes, we would frequent d prata shop behind Boat Quay to eat some cheese prata...hehehe. Yup...d place still boast quite a few new eateries n d crowd is still there. Young n old, the foreigners n the locals...making their attendance quite knowingly amongst d hordes of people. Some quite romantic dinner may not b n answer over there. Thus was d nite on a friday evening...
Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Came back home straight to rest my tired feet. Been walikng alot today. Getting some people to approve some 'procedures'...hmph. It's bben my job since day one n I think all d moving ard some sort of helps my injured knee to recover fast. May not b 100% but oklah!

Ate a plate of mee goreng n later a plate of western set menu of half-chicken meal. I just can't help it! I eat too much...hehehe. But can u c chicken menu in front of u n not buying it? Nope...not me. I had to buy it...hehehe. Gonna go to d gym later this week...maybe can shed a few pounds from d tummy.

Before going back, one of d staff assistants, gave us a 3M dust mask each. Just for precaution she said. A memo was sent in d company e-mail stating dat if we ever gets sick from d flu or minor throat ailments, we are suppose to wear it n go to d nearest clinic to have a check-up. Quite resonable, right?
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