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Thursday, May 29, 2003
Downloaded a song from 'too phat' featuring 'warren g'. These guys are quite good. They have d groove in them. Nice refreshing song n i couldn't even sense d malay accent in them. Alas, their from malaysian. One of them is d son of a famous legendary songstress, sharifah aini. Such different kind of music mum n son makes...hehehe. Well, u may not agree with abt d song but i grew up listening to 'black' music. Love d grooviness, deep bass, lyrics etc.

Another latest addition to my collection of 'black' music is by 'r kelly' titled 'ignition'. D remix is better than d original one. A lil' bit history of this guy. He was once convicted of a sex crime involving a young girl. I don't know if this is true but u know these rich people...hhmph...
Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Finally, we had rain in d island. In jurong island i mean...although it's just a short 10-15mins shower but it's worth it. D weather there is unbearable. Some days, d temp. would read abt 40 degrees C. Too hot for comfort. After, abt 2 pm, d sun shone brightly s ever n everything went back to normal...HOT!!!

Me, i have a choice...hehehe...either i scramble back to d tech shed or back to my 'wonderful' office of mine...hehehe. But i chose d former, stayed a while longer to supervise d werk b4 hurried back to cool off. I really pity those guys werking out there in d hot sun but it's better to b employed nowadays.
Friday, May 23, 2003
Hullo again. Miss writing in here. Werk kept me away for awhile. Sometimes I feel dat werk really takes half of our time away. Wat really happen during I was away...hmph...

I bought a used hp from a friend. An old N8310 because he bought two new plans from M1 n he received an N7250 n N 2100. Some people just can't get enough of these camera-hp...hehehe. I bought d 8 mth old hp for less than $200 (everything included)...hehehe...wat a good bargain. It looked alright though.

D weather is quite hot these few days. I would rather stay in my cubicle n do my stuffs than go outside. Sometimes, it reaches nearly 40 degrees C!!! Wearing FRC (Fire Retardant Clohting) does not help either. At times, some of d technicians would pour cool ice water on top of their heads b4 going out doing werk. Really pity those guys.

Nyway, it seems much cooler when I came back yesterday night. With my trusty bike, I watched the trees swaying in d light cool breeze. Past through d 'nasi lemak' stall but they haven't open yet. I could c d 'makciks' frying fishes n cooking a 'storm'...s usual. So gooday to u all...
Saturday, May 17, 2003
yesterday was quite a busy day for me. I left home for d friday prayers at ard 1250hrs. D mosque was not s packed s b4 but it was quite warm in there. Anyway, after my prayers, I went straight to kallang stadium to send n application form to enter d 5-a-side soccer tourney. Alas, d person-in-charge was not in. Her rep told me dat d tourney was either postponed or cancelled due to unexplained cicumstances. Dat took out d rage in me s I walked all d way from kallang mrt to d stadium n d hot sun for nothin'?!! But I kept cool...very cool.

Took a bus to orchard, redeem some bags from my credit card points...hehehe. It may sound so stupid but I managed to carry all 4 bags (2 haversack n 2 small duffel) during my whole 'tour of duty" in orchard. Next, wisma atria. D throngs of crowd dat lined wisma was amazing. I managed to crawl my way to scv store to redeem my birthday gift. Got myself a bunch of goodies...hehehe.

Then I went searching for dbs n amex outlets to settle my bills. It took me quite a while to settle them. Received a call from uj. He told me dat he will b heading to taka in few minutes time so I hurried myself to taka's taxi stand n waited a whole of 20 minutes for him n auntie to arrive. They straightaway went window shopping n 'food-watching'...hehehe. Bought some aunt anne's pretzel's. They love them. I excused myself to go to d gym which was nearby. I really need strenghten my leg muscles to prevent from further injuries.

After abt n hour of exercising, I met my girl n we decided to drop by at cafe vienna to eat our dinner n surprise uj n his crowd. We got there just in time to start our feast with them. I think we r d noisiest bunch in d cafe...hehehe. We took a lot of those oysters...hehehe. N someone really eat those things...eeeyyuuu. At ard 2100hrs, me n my girl excused ourselves coz we had a date with her colleagues to c 'd matrix reloaded' at bugis. Well, this is d first time dat me n my girl went out to c movie dat has been launch a few days old, infact, a day old. Usually, we went to c a movie which was a few weeks old, just to avoid d crowd n get d best seat.

'D matrix reloaded' is not bad a show but I really prefer x2...no offence. I really do enjoy d show though n recommend to c both shows.
Sunday, May 11, 2003
I just took a ride in my mc's car. A new volvo (i don't know wat series) n it's only 2 weeks old, brand new n...(my gosh) it cost a whopping $130,000. Gulp! He told us dat d cost of d car came down to abt $20,000 last month so he decided to get it. Some people! It was truly n amazing car...normally a new car will have those fancy driver n 'co-pilot's' crash air bags, some sort of automated air-con unit, n rear sensor (to prevent oneself from hitting d wall when parking...dat sort of thing)...etc. But some of his other features r almost unheard of. A car-mobile phone using d same sim card, cruise ctrl button which lets d car moves by itself, at a given speed, without stepping on d accelerator, passenger's headrest dat can b brought down by a push of a button if d driver is a bit too short to c d rear when parking, rear passenger crash air bags, front passenger's sun shield mirror which emits light (doubles up s a cosmetic mirror, very wide...), alot of individual lights for individual passengers or d driver itself...etc. In other words, dat car is ssswwweeettttt...
Saturday, May 10, 2003
Made a trip to queensway with my bro n his girl, to browse for a new company's jersey seems to b fruitful. Went to my friend's sports shop...well kinda...coz majority of his merchandise are made up of soccer apparels n paraphenalias. It seems crowded on weekends, maybe soccer business is not bad after all. It doesn't seems to b affected by d economy n withd news abt man u becoming champions makes alot of singaporeans chnaged their allegiance...hehehe.

Left d shop ard 1930hrs, met my colleagues, bade my bro n his girl farewell...n went straight to adam rd food centre for our dinner. It's been a long time since I stepped on dat eating joint, 7 years to b precise. Seems to b crowded there too. It's probably d weekend. Ate nasi lemak special...well it's just normal nasi lemak with every thing inside, chicken wings n mutton rendang. Nice combination! Y didn't I think of dat b4...rendang...mmm...

After filling d stomaches, I went over to fullerton hotel to fetch my fiance. She was accompanied with her colleagues savouring on some tasty delight. It was d night she was waiting for...hehehe...chocolate buffet!!! Hmph...it's not quite my cup of tea.
Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Downloaded mozart amadeus sountrack thru kazaa...don't know wat got into me. Hmph...anyway, i'm planning to blog thru this whole song though I did not understand d whole mumbo-jumbo of d gospel-like sounds. It seems quite soothing n somewat enchanting...not!

I was walking down a certain road d other day n found out dat my world will not b d same anymore these few days. It seems kinda weird to think of d sudden change in u but most of d times, life is unexplainable, rite? Who would know if u will still b alive kicking in d next few hours or even after u read this blog? Dat may seems oblivious to others but not for d certain few. Even a cockroach scavenging would never know dat it may not b alive d next few seconds. Someone might b stepping on it, accidentally...hehehe. Dat's out of d point I know, so our fate is not written for us to c, make d best out of it.
Monday, May 05, 2003
Just a short note from d bottom of my heart. Happy birthday my girl. My schnoogums, widdly whiny wombat dat I love. Thanx for a wonderful dinner date...
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