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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
How's d world doing? Hehehe...quite well, i agree. D sun is still shining, birds still chirping, mum's still cooking...hehehe. Children still shouting to themselves, running along d corridor n banging those poor innocent pots of plants. In d evenings, d moon is still glowing by d starless night. Couldn't b much happier if it's drizzling while we r sleeping right? Love d sweet smell of morning dew after a night of downpour. These r d little things dat makes me feel alive. These r d things dat no one ever think of until they're gone...so treasure it. Gd night...
Monday, June 23, 2003
"Nice work!", "Wat a thorough explanation!", "Good job in d datas!", blablabla...some of d words being complimented by my no.2 plant manager, head engineer, some engineer folks. But actually it's really not my job. It's just a compilation of datas n schematics from all over d intranet n piles of files. Compliments can sometimes b very scary n deceiving. At times, if it came from d higher authority...ehem...u better b careful. Usually, it feels like u r in cloud nine n it feels so hard to come down. I wouldn't mind d compliments coz it doesn't mean anything for my job scope. I really hope dat these compliments will not cloud my werk performance. S d days wore out, I will always feel lethargic. From monday till friday, I would b werking from morn till knock off time...sometimes later than dat.

Picture this, I woke up at 0545hrs, bathe n do all d necessary stuff n leave ny home at ard 0615hrs. Walked to lakeside mrt to catch my 0640hrs transport to jurong island. Usually, I took a short nap but had to get down near d entrance of jurong island to b checked by security. Board d bus back n before before long, I arrived at my werkplace at ard 0705hrs. Get changed to my coveralls, greet a few of my night shift colleagues n went straight to print d morning reports. I usually made a few copies to b distributed in d 0900hrs morning meetings. I always bring in a cuppa to prevent me from falling asleep...hehehe. Besides d usual curry puff dat I usually buy for breakfast, coffee is usually my greatest companion in d morning.

After abt 30mins, I stayed in my cubicle to check on my unit's condition. Frequently, my boss will call me in his room to amend some of my current plans of my unit. Amending plans is very common. Lunch is always a bit early for me. My sugar level will always drop whenever d clock strikes 1100hrs. My colleague would always came over to my place to fetch me to our neighbouring plant to eat by d strait.Lunch for us is considered, "On Time On Target". When someone has a craving for 'outside' food, we would drive to jurongpoint or taman jurong to eat. Cheap n good!

After lunch, I tried to finish up s much assignment s possible. Often, my engineers (technicals) would want me to follow them to d field to have a 'walkabout'. Usually I oblige...hhmph...I hate to go outside whenever there's plenty of werk to do. We would spent abt 2 to 3 hrs a day outside to adjust some parameters n conditions in my unit. When we decided to head back to d office, it is always nearly 1600hrs, 45mins back to go back!!!

Rushed to do my werk, making sure no errors were made...by 1630hrs, maybe if i'm lucky, half of d job is done. (OT to complete some of d assignment is not n option) Knockoff time 1645hrs but my transport will reach my office ard 30min later. Wash up, change n if there is time, a cuppa...hehehe...(well, I sometimes would cut down to only twice per day)

Now, tell me y am I tired whenever I go out to "PAVILION"...u answer me...
Saturday, June 21, 2003
Woke up suddenly to d ringing of my hp. A friend called saying dat her son needed a blood donor...actually platelet donor, a B+. She needed it urgently so I called in some of my workmates but most of them were still fast asleep. Finally, I managed to call my unit no.2 man. He was up on his feet n quickly picked me up. In no time at all, we arrived at nuh. When d nurse screened him n did some routine questionaire...(it's his first time donating blood or platelets)...d blood centre received a call from someone d platelets was not needed for today s his condition was improving...I thank God!!!

D nurse told my colleague dat he was d first donor they received for my friend's son. They needed two more donors for future emergency. I was truly hopeless coz I couldn't donate my platelets s it's not d same match. My colleague told me, he was hesitant at first to b a donor but after hearing my friend's plight, it was truly d right decision to donate. I really hope dat there will b people out there who is willing enough to give their time n a bit of a 'pinch' to help this two year old kid, I will b very grateful. Amin...
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
The weather is great these few days. D sun is not dat hot. Maybe d hot season is finally over n d fire in sumatra has all died down. It doesn't matter most when my office is in a 'very' air-conditioned environment. In d mornings, it felt like in d freezer. Unfortunately, I couldn't make d temperature go any higher s d building is under temperature control. Wat makes it even worse was when I just came back from my 'rounds' in d field. I would b sweating like a pig, 'working' under d sweltering heat. After stepping in d office, d difference in temperature makes me shiver. It's like being poured by a pail of ice water. Brrr...hopefully u guys have a nice office environment. Not dat i'm complaining but...it's just a comment...so sue me!!!
Friday, June 13, 2003
Ok, let me admit, I miss my X. My girl agreed with me. Whenever I saw these beautiful places, it reminds my of my X. Sometimes, my girl would console me, telling me it's alright now it's with somebody else for d time-being. Hmmph...I wonder wat is my X doing now. Is she working 'working' with my friend? Is she 'exhausted' with him? Too much too handle? I wouldn't know unless my friend called me. Too my surprise, my girl also miss my X too. She loves d touch of my X on her fingers. Dat makes us both miss X very much...hmmph...
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Went back from werk today, wash up, changed n prayed. Hurried myself out of d house to meet my girl. She wanted to go to kinokuniya to buy some good books on her preference. Me, I wanted to buy a fishing magazine for my dad...hehehe. Reached orchard abt 45 mins later, feeling hot because d crowd was enormous under d orchard mrt. It's astonishing to c d hordes of people fight their way out from d mrt entrance. Some were even trying to knock each other out off d way...hehehe.

After meeting my girl, we head straight to kinokuniya. D place was a bit 'cosy'. With lots of books, deck d shelves, it makes me wonder if d whole collection of books r there to tempt d shoppers to buy 'em. Some pretty nice book covers, old n antique ones r kept in glass covers. One antique book cost ard a few thousand dollars. There is also a children's book, a fairy tale which cost a few hundred dollars...hhmmph...I wonder if these r for show or r meant to b sold to d public. But at d end of d day, d price does not matter in some people maybe it's d sentimental value dat comes with it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Sitting alone in my room playing this computer game..."Age Of Empires 2"...contless times. Feeling rather bored. Change to another pc game, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3"...blahblahblah. Watch some music videos in d net, munch on some potato chips, oily fingers...hhmph. Switch on d radio. Listening to 98.7fm...dj yang on d air. He's too plucky...eeeyyuuuoooo!
Saturday, June 07, 2003
Received n sms from s far s saudi. A friend from afar just to tell me to clear my e-mail s it was already full...hehehe. S usual, whenever I took leave from werk, piles of e-mail n junk mails will tend to 'overfloe' from d inbox. My company gave me 100mb of storage but sometimes i'm too damn lazy to archive them...most of d times I would just erase d old mails n let d other mails pile up.

Anyway, this friend of mine misses his entourage in s'pore. He loves d people here n wish dat me n my friends would go there for a visit. Maybe in d near future but not now. Too many activities is happening nowadays. Many babies r born n many more r conceived. This arab friend of mine loves d food here too. He would try a lot of dishes n particularly our auntie's food.

Now, i'm thinking of a good time to c him. Maybe, we'll try to meet halfway...in dubai maybe?
Friday, June 06, 2003
Sitting in my messy cubicle. Always busy with my werk but sometimes my hp would ring n I had to scan my way through my area just to get d best reception s d island is not s 'friendly' with my hp. Most of d times, I would scramble out to n 'open' area to receive a 2 minute call...aargghh. I hope this gsm company would do something in d island.

Occasionally, my no. 2 would just pop by n 'disturb' me. Making sure dat i'm not bored at my desk. Sometimes two to three bossess (angmohs) would past by said salutations to us n started talking to him. A mini-meeting then took place in my cubicle!!! Wat de eff!!! Sometimes, I hate to listen wat they were saying coz', they would sometimes talk abt my fellow colleagues n these r management stuff or staff. They shouldn't let me hear it. Most of d times, I would excuse myself n =squirm past them n walk away to make myself a cuppa.

Just d other day, they were talking abt something sensitive n I had to 'join' d conversation. I never like talking to them coz' maybe because I feel dat i'm just a small fry. My 1 year in d day shift is nearly up so it's not right to hear these comments. I couldn't let my guys down n single out anybody mistakes. Hmmph...
Sunday, June 01, 2003
When was d last time, u feel dat all d world's burden seems to have left from ur shoulders? Well, never, not really. If there is a place where u can go for a retreat, where will it b? All ur problems seems to take off in a blink of n eye?

Some of d questions seems endless n best not answered. Where can u find a person with no problems? Hmmph...some people r desperate to find d answers to solve their problems. Taking great lengths n desperate measures, realising d answers are just in front of their noses, until it's too late. Life is not dat simple anymore when u grow up. Much responsibility has to b taken n few chances to escape from reality...or there's no chance to escape from reality.

Just make sure dat d canvas is quite filled up with beautiful pictures n not some graffitti of d soul. Me talking nonsense again but even better than someone who doesn't exercise their blogs...hehehe!!! CRAZY IVAN!!!
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