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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Finally, I'm gonna b back to shift...YOOHOO!!! My tour of duty is a bit short, normally it will take abt 1 yr or 1.5 yrs to complete because of some circumstances, d company made me go back to shift earlier. Much, much earlier...hehehe. A new chinese national guy, will take over my place...hhhmmph. Maybe in abt a fortnight from now coz, he is now in his homeland, having a vacation. There is a lot of shuffling going on in my business unit. Unfortunately, my next supervisor will b a bit hard to 'tackle'. He was once my supervisor two yrs back n he is one helluva 'pain i d arse'. I heard dat he's not dat bad nowadays. He used to argue for d sake of arguing...hhmmmph.

Now, I need to compile my previous notes for d handing-over. I'll b teaching this new guy for abt 10 days n then join his previous team. It's not a problem for me blending with d other team members s I'm really tightly bonded between d technicians. There should b no problem. So s long s my supervisor did not disturb me, I would b s quiet s a cobra ready to strike...hehehe...
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
A close Bro of mine will b getting married this weekend. S usual most of d Bros will b there to help out on things...(rewang). I really hope dat d event, which lasted a whole of 3 days, will b smooth sailing. It's gonna b a happy occasion for d bridegroom...I really wish him gd luck. S for moi, I will b d bestman on d day, again...hehehe...I used to b d bestman for my friend last year. My mum jested to me saying dat, I shld open a 'Bestman For Hire' in d net...hehehe. Good Idea?
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Once, someone told me to live within my means. I still remember who dat someone is n I will always remember d advice. It's not dat I always like to spend on extravagant things but I really love to eat alot...hehehe. Sometimes, I would spend a 'chunk' on my pay on food...hehehe. Dat's a bit too much, right? Everyone needs to eat rite? There's times dat spending a bit too much might hurt u, mentally...

At times when u walk down orchard road, shopping, u can c some 'unfortunates' along d street. A few 'musicians' n 'street vendors' selling their wares thru d crowd. I sometimes wonder, is it a sign to show dat not everyone is s lucky s us. Having a job, having a home to sleep at nite, warm bed to sleep n warm food to eat. Is dat d sign? D sign to feel down-to-earth n modest in life? When in a blink of n eye, our life will b like them?
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Sometimes being d only malay in d department has it's pros n cons. My colleagues tend to make our 'eating' outing seems to suit me. I would sometimes been given d honour to choose which restaurant to go to eat...hehehe. But most of d times, I kinda decline eating out with them...business doesn't go hand-in-hand with my private life. They would frequently gossip on some individuals...hehehe...not my style actually.

Today, my unit no.2 came up to me n told me, it's dat time of d month to 'feast' on our mid-year 'fortune'...oops...me n another two technicians had to treat some of d office management folks on some 'feast' (d office management guys r not entitled to this 'fortune'...so...) He told me to join them...mmm...some of them called me Mr. Halal...hehehe...due to my kinda strict preference of food. Now it's a bit tough to make my way out of this situation...I do know where they wanted to go, actually...hhhmmmph...
Saturday, July 19, 2003
Some people really complain abt d weather. Y r they so werked up abt it. It's so cool these few days s if it's autumn...hehehe. Really wish it could b like this for a few more weeks. Heard from a few of my buddies dat it's because d monsoon season has just started. So i guess d fishermen at c willl b having a great deal of hardship...get it...hard-ship...hehehe...well corny anyway. It's nice, just curl up in bed with some warm pillows n blanket, listening to slow music on d radio...dream a little dream of me. Sunday is approaching fast, it's actually tomorrow to b exact. Esplanade will b d destination maybe...
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Everyone wants dat special thing in life dat makes life interesting. Life could become boring without it. When will it b when everyday is sunday? When will b d time when a phone rang, a sweet, happy voice greets u everytime? It could happen only on some few occasion. With d economy seems very gloomy n jobs r not s promising s before, pay cuts r ever so common & business is slow to come by. I really hate to c d shine in peoples' faces, gone in a split second when their names was read out from their company's retrenchment letters. Wat have I got to say...I really hope d economy picks up...
Wednesday, July 09, 2003
"Clickety, clickety, click..." thanx to my schnoogums, my blog is updated. I tried to meddle ard with some pics I took while having an eatout in fullerton, choco buffet. Hehehe...d picture turns out quite interesting though. Artistry is in my blood...hehehe.

Heard abt d death of d Iranian twins. A bit sad but I feel dat they shld b buried here rather than to bring back home. Well, in any case, hope d souls of d departed ones will rest peacefully. Amin.
Thursday, July 03, 2003
These few days seems like I have to spend more time at werk. Something, some sort of emergency situation happened at werk. No, noone got hurt but every precaution had to b made in order nothing goes wrong again. D management did everything in a control manner.

I think i've attended a lot of meeting since two days ago, six or seven n more to come each day. Exhausted is d key word here. Can't even have time to go to d loo. Come to think of it, time sometimes flew very fast when u do things to meet datelines, yah? I really miss meeting my girl n going out with her. Miss cooking at home too. Haih...but life still has to go on rite?
Tuesday, July 01, 2003
"Wat r u smiling abt, it's only tuesday..." a colleague jest at me. Y? Y can't I smile on a day like this. Must I keep frowning n let d day past by? I wonder how many of these people thinks negatively abt their scope of werk...hhmpph. I made a simple equation when I was walking home. It's true, we need moolah. We need it even badly on certain days, there's no doubt. We even wants to get it even when we're not werking...it's everyone's dream. Free money!!! Who wouldn't?

To bring us back to reality, only a decent job in sunny s'pore can ensure us to get cold, hard cash. Not everyone is rich. Rich enough to b bathe in gold coins like Mr. McDuck. So if my equation is correct, it should b...

JOB=MONEY which can b translated s CAREER+TIME=MORE MONEY, which can also b further equate s...

CAREER+TIME+INHERITANCE=FORTUNE...hehehe...so it's a dream, well everyone dream rite...
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