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Saturday, August 30, 2003
In d light of d economic crisis, alot of people lost their jobs. Some of them were d sole breadwinners of d family. It's saddening to hear abt their lives. Wat can we do but just to learn by these situations. I met a couple of these people n felt dat it's better to hold wat's left of d job dat's been given to us n not leave d company because of some mere squabbles here n there. Keeping a job secure can also mean dat d affected party needs to understand d needs of their immediate family. Wat can I say...i'm not in d situation rite now...
Wednesday, August 27, 2003
A nice new werking environment is wat I need now. Officially i'll be back on shift...WWEEEHHAAAA!!! Hehehe...gonna move all my stuffs from my old cubicle out to d field. Nice to c d sunset n sunrise all over again. D sweet smell of fresh air outdoors n settling down to d morning sun when there's not much werk to b done...hehehe. Hullo world!!!
Friday, August 22, 2003
First it was 36.4...then later it was 37.4...later at lunchtime it rose to 38.4, confirmed by a specialist. It's actually my temperature. My stand-in supervisor told me to visit d doctor nearby. This happened yesterday after my morning rounds in d plant. I was feeling a bit lethargic from all d long hours of werking. My engineer n a few others told me dat I looked like a zombie. I told them maybe it's d weather. I took a taxi back to visit d doctor n my temperature was taken again n it showed 38.7 degrees celsius. I had stomach flu n fever he diagnosed. Took d medicine n was told to rest for two days, advised to drink loads of fluid n take d prescribed medicine.

After I came home, changed to some comfortable clothes n slept like a baby. Woke up feeling very groggy, ate porridge, prepared by my mom n ate d medicine. Got a call from my colleague stating dat he too was experiencing d same symptoms s me but much worse. He has been vomitting n 'depositing' his bowels about four times throughout d afternoon. We suspected it's something we ate together, last two days ago...but now i'm feeling much better from d doctor's medicine, my mom's secret tea n a visit from my loved one...hehehe...
Thursday, August 21, 2003
Sometimes our good, friendly nature r being mistaken s being very nice. People likes to b very critical in wat we look n gave such strong comments to make d other party feel bad. I noticed dat such 'unappealing' people is d one who will rise up to d occasion n triumph. Not many friends r really good friends. U might get confuse with my comments but who will b there to help u if u r in dire straits? Huh...i've noticed a few unwilling parties ard. Don't worry, no names will b mention in dis blog n I don't intend to. Yea...I have a lot of friends but I still feel dat they r just there to make up d numbers...really, I feel dat way. Let's just put a test to it. I really am not in d least surprise to c d friends ard me if I need their help in watever form at all...in a way, it's going to b interesting...
Friday, August 15, 2003

Test test...hehehe...
My previous N-level art project
I couldn't help but to post this pic of my previous art project. Couln't hang it on d wall though. My mum said dat it's not good to put in a muslim home so I kept it beside my pc...hehehe...
I've been thinking abt d future. Sipping on a glass of hot coffee, I wonder wat it would like if d government really reduce d amt of CPF being contributed in our account? Did not read much in d newspaper but I think it will b implemented to save d economy. I couldn't help thinking abt some of d s'poreans who lost or r still looking for a decent job...or a career. It would really make their family in a worse situation than rite now. I couldn't c y some s'poreans r still choosy abt accepting d job they r given. It's worse if it's from a well secure organisation. If it pays a bit lower than their previous job, it doesn't matter s it can save them from being in d 'hole'. Truthfully, I find them a bit puzzle...
Thursday, August 14, 2003
It's dat time of d year when some people needed a break from their ordinary mundane worklife. Wat makes a holiday a better one than to spend it with d love one. D clear skies n sandy beaches r some inviting places for some. Maldives? Mauritius? Bali? D places we can only dream of n not really go...for me, I really would like to go to some cool countries for a change. How bout Paris, Rome or even London in autumn? It's not dat bad, rite? Saving my moolah for d big holiday...hehehe...
Saturday, August 09, 2003
Well, it was National Day yesterday...nothing makes me remember more on this day than n anniversary with my fiancee. Hehehe...some people do remember such anniversaries but mine was a bit to easy to remember by.

There were a lot of people in d city area. Most of these people gather ard marina, d Esplanade n d such, to watch d firewerks. For me, I would like a sip of hot coffee facing d sea with my loved one but to no avail. We decided to do a bit of shopping n enjoy our time in Pacific Coffee Company at City Hall...hehehe...Happy Anniversary Girl!!!
Monday, August 04, 2003
Last three consecutive days were one of d busiest days up-to-date, of my life. I was d best man, event coordinator, communicator, treasurer etc. roll up into one. Tired was d main thing in my mind but after seeing d faces of joy in d newly wed couple faces, I wouldn't change my mind if I would choose between soccer n this 'job'. To Mr. & Mrs. Erwan...Have a happy life together...
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