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11.Arc de Triumph    (Paris)
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Friday, October 31, 2003

Well, if u want dendengs or an assortment of chicken rice, please come down to Jurong West Ave 1, SELERA RAMADHAN. Look out for these guys n they will get u there...hehehe... (cheap publicity)

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I love my pet. It's name is POD. I bought it for 20 bucks, abt an inch long n look at how much it grown(dat's a three foot tank). It is now nearly a foot long. Incidentally, POD has a 'pet' itself...hehehe. It is a goldfish which POD likes to chase ard. D goldfish is abt d size of a fist. I bought a group of small goldfishes to feed POD but it kept one of d goldfish s a playmate...hehehe.
D day before yesterday, my dad caught three luohans at a canal near my home. He put it in d same tank with POD. Surprisingly, POD did not chase them away...it seems to like d company of these three newfound friends. I couldn't imagine if those new luohans grew n then space will b n issue...hhmmph...
Monday, October 27, 2003
I heard dat some of d bloggers r either tired of blogging or simply too 'busy' to blog. Lazy may sometimes b a part of it...hehehe. Anyway, i'll try to keep on updating upon my current life until I c deem fit for me to stop. Dat'll b a long time but I shall try to make it simple for d other bloggers or visitors to read.
Hmph..it's nearly 0445hrs in d morning & I can smell my mum's cooking from my room. Some seafood dishes...hehehe...yumyum. Love her cooking, simple yet enticing to d stomach. There's nothing like mum's 'cuisine'. Bye...
Sunday, October 26, 2003
Had my first sahur with my parents. Ate rice with chicken gravy & black squid gravy...hehehe. it was nice though. I couldn't stop listening to Michael Buble songs. Well, he sounds a bit like Frank Sinatra but nicer...d songs I mean. My fiancee intro me to d songs & I kept downloading d songs to my trusty mp3 player, Jukey.
I've started to clear my leave balance for this year, a total of 12.5 days but i'm taking leave only on my morning shifts on this mth of Ramadhan...hehehe. Dat leaves me abt 3.5 days more to clear for this year. So, wat will I do on my free time? Hmmph...
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Within d last one week, two of my colleagues suffered two different road accidents. One of them was riding his motorbike down a quiet street near n industrial park when suddenly a 'bangla' contractor swerved past him from a corner. My colleague tried to avoid him n skidded but d bicycle hit him by d side. D funny part is dat d cyclist just picked uo d bicycle n left d scene. Dat's wat I call, hit-n-run situation!!! A bicycle hitting a motorbike...sheesh...my colleague suffered a fractured thumb though...
On another occasion, another colleague of mine was travelling along n expressway (i don't know which one) to werk one day. Suddenly, a car cut his lane (he was travelling d furthermost right lane) n braked immediately. Ooh...anyway his toyota corolla became a nissan march, if u know wat I mean. He didn't injured himself but was quite frutrated. It was a six car pile up on d expressway!!!
Thursday, October 16, 2003
I lost one of my favourite watches in d shower at werk on last monday. I was feeling very disappointed with myself. I quickly went to d security post near d entrance of my building. Asked him if he saw d watch which he denied it. Well, s I always say, if it's not for me, it's never meant to b. I really hope dat someone would find it n return it to d security which we r 'rightfully suppose to do if we found something.

Surprisingly after three days, I randomly ask one of d security guards today abt my watch. He handed me my watch after asking for my clarification on d watch. Hehehe...there r some honest people out there. I found out dat a colleague of mine which I have never talked to, found d watch n gave to d security guard...*smile*...
Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I don't know y but I love the colour of this plane...hehehe...
Monday, October 13, 2003
A rainy morning, a hearty breakfast with my colleagues near my home n coming home to a bed full of pillows...hehehe. Good morning all, it's slumber time for me...ZZZ...
Sunday, October 12, 2003

Captain Jack Sparrow...

All hands on deck!!!
Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Back from d US last friday morning. Brought alot of stuff back. Wat a tiring day it was...couldn't sleep well so I took n early breakfast near my friend's stall. Ate two pratas n two half boil egg...I wonder, y they call it half boil egg n y not they call it soft boil egg...hmmph. Anyway, I really love d small 'one cent' souvenir dat I bought. It's quite a novelty...hehehe. Gonna go back to werk on thursday though...actually miss my werk...
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