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Friday, January 30, 2004
I started my day waking up a bit late than expected. Went ard my hse looking for things to do...playing pc games, PS2 games, surf d net n sms my girl. After awhile, I decided to shower n head to d gym. On reaching dat, I bought myself a banana juice s my late,late brunch. Orchard rd was sure crowded during this time but d gym was surprisingly not s crowded s b4.

After abt n hour of werking out, I showered n received n sms from my girl. We decided to meet in Bras Basah. Walking towards d MRT, I noticed a group of abt 8 persons in malay 'baju kurung' n some foreign-uniform policemen, escorting a well-dressed man in 'batik' shirt into a Gucci store. Might b one of d Johor royal dignitary...nothing much to c...I continued walking towards Orchard MRT, bumping on several people n breasts along d way. Kinda frustrated too with all those people trying to stand ard to get d best view for d upcoming Chingay Parade but oh, wat d hell,...it's only once a year.

Met my girl in our rendezvous n went straight to eat our dinner, steamed chicken rice, our favourite at this coffeeshop near Bugis Junction. D service leaves us with a delightful impression. D store helpers, dat's if u called them, r very friendly n helpful. Wouldn't mind to visit them some other day...dat wraps up my day...how's urs? :O)
Friday, January 23, 2004
Hooowwieee...3 more nights left n I m still very 'energetic' to werk...hehehe. Someone strangle me!!! I shld b sleeping rite now, not blogging. I read uj's blog last nite at werk n felt very helpless. It seems true when people say, 'It doesn't mean dat if u have friends all ard u n u don't feel lonely'...u do feel lonely n feel unloved when being with d 'wrong' crowd. Some selective individuals can brighten someone's day. I know how it feels like. Don't worry man...when d time comes u know dat we will execute our big plan...hehehe.
Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Yest Uncle Jazz, Guatahu, Raimie & Schnoogs went to Sofra. We had dinner and it was good. Regretfully Missus Jazz couldn't make it.

Then I went home and did a happy poopie. Bye.

posted by schnoogums still wundering wot happened to them guys at stor.co.uk
Friday, January 16, 2004
I just came back from werk feeling rather energetic than usual. Usually, after my 'graveyard' shift, I would go straight to bed n 'count sheep'. One of d reason maybe becoz I just drank a glass of hot coffee...which I restrict myself for one whole week due to my bad sore throat. It really gives me d energy to b awake...hehehe.

S usual, my company gave each of us a box of 24 mandarin oranges to bring back during these coming CNY festival. All but one of d oranges r edible...hehehe. I don't really eat oranges because I hate to peel. Lazy of me...hehehe. Y can't they juz give angpows or something n I noticed dat d orange boxes r getting smaller than last year. I don't really care, really.
Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Finally I got a 'new' look. I got myself a haircut. Nothing different, juz a normal 'schoolboy' haircut. I actually look more than a student than a werking adult nowadays. But I could feel d wind blowing on my neck now...hehehe. I made my decision to cut my hair becoz d weather took a drastic change from cool to very hot!
Monday, January 12, 2004
I've been sick for d last three consecutive days. Runny nose, a bit of a headache, sore throat, watery eyes...all roll into one. D hot weather in d island did not help my condition. There's a lot of overtime n I took some of it but there r still a lot more. D guys at werk kept pestering me to take some. I have to decline politely s I need to regain my full strength to recover my health n take my time. Money is not everything I told them, health is. Took some vitamin C tablets from my mum...hehehe.

My hair is a mess rite now. Some of my colleagues pester me to cut it. Others just refer my hair s too 'curly-terrible-horrible'. Well, none of them have this kinda hair n it's not common among asians to have one too...hehehe. It keeps me warm when d weather is cold on december but not now...hehehe. Need to cut it soon.

Monday, January 05, 2004
What Do LOTR & Football Have In Common?

Wat is d meaning of spontaneous? Yea...I know abt it in a 'simple' way but wat is d real reason behind it? Some people likes to do things without thinking of d future consequences of it. Be it in love or other minute things...hehehe. Sometimes we might go shopping n "accidentally" c this nice, beautiful "thing" n thought to ourself if it's worth buying. I came across alot of time but I would think it over with my girl b4 deciding to buy it. My girl will sometimes b my greatest advisor of such things...hehehe. I love her...
Sunday, January 04, 2004
Who could ever predict d heart of a man whose life has been torn to pieces from d one he loves? D one he loves with all his heart s deep s d deepest of caverns. Such love does know no boundaries nor reason. It does makes me wonder how fragile d heart is when feelings n emotions are overrun with betrayal n hatred. Y? Y do d victim needs to b in dis situation? Some may say it'll make them stronger for future relationships but it really does not matter anymore if d person is not strong "inside". I came across a couple of my close buddies who suffer d same relationship "crisis". N it's gd to know dat all of them "bounced" back from d ordeal. Dat makes me realize dat it is true regarding d term I described earlier, abt making d person stronger from previous relationships or I may b having some gd buddies who can b a great help when one of them r into "crisis"...either...or...just a thought...
Saturday, January 03, 2004
D night seems to b peaceful today...woke up feeling rather stretched-out from all d events from d first of this month till now. I got up abt 2000hrs but a bit refreshed. Now I quite like d way d breeze from my window blowing at my face. My girl just gave me a new layout...love her creativity n spontaneity. A lot of d guys love her werk n asked her if it would b a hassle if she could make them one too. It's ur decision girl...if it would b me...hehehe...I wouldn't answer dat. She has this exceptional qualities in art n graphics. Her imagination is sometimes beyond my wildest thoughts. I love her art...

Friday, January 02, 2004
A problem with some people is making promises. Sometimes they take it too lightly. I do really hate inconsiderate people who did not give good reasons eonough to b late on n outing, a meeting...even werk!!! I came across a dozen of friends or so, who likes to take promises lightly n some who did not fulfill them. It's very annoying if these r d people who are close to u...it's not easy at all.
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