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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Yesterday I ran a satisfying run in d JPMorgan Chase Corporate Run. It was really n 'eye-catching' event. Abt 6,500 participants from all d big organisation. Luckily it did not rain when we run. Although I did not came in first...(very unlikely), d event was truly amazing. Drank my first Newater n ate several fruits bars n bananas after finishing d run. Maybe, i'll join next year's run too...hehehe...
Sunday, April 25, 2004
A 'disturbing' thing (quite a gd feeling actually) happened to me last friday. On my way home, I entered d lift but I chanced upon two indian ladies (one old n d other middle age) walking slowly to my direction. I juz stand there n waited in d lift, pressing d 'open' button. They saw my gesture n hurriedly walk fast n kept repeatedly saying 'thank-u's to me. On entering d lift, pressing their floors, d middle-age one asked me in malay:

Middle-age: "Schooling or working?"

Me: "Working"

Middle-age: "Entered NS (National Service...) already?

Me puzzled (Do I look dat YOUNG?): "Yes, finish"

Luckily, d lift journey is not dat long...'disturbing' may not b d rite word for it, maybe. A compliment like dis may not come very often rite. I may look, past-my-teens...18-early 20s but it really disturbs me if i'll b d only one who will b asked to check my IC n not my other companions. It does happen most of d time, if not all!!!
Thursday, April 22, 2004
After joining my company's "Running Club", last two weeks ago, I felt very refresh nowadays. We ran on tuesdays n thursdays each week n I heard dat most of them r into dragon boat rowing team on every saturday. They r praticing for d inter-company dragon boat competition, or some sort.
I really thought d run would b too "much" for me but we covered abt 5 to 6 km each run. Dat's massive for a non-enthusiast runner like me...hehehe. My latest timing is 26 mins for more than 5 km...hehehe. Getting ready for my race soon...hehehe. D "Running Club" captain is putting my name on d JPMorgan Chase Corporate Run. Well, it's a 5.6km run. (Heard dat d winning team/individual has a chance to go to New York...hehehe)...
Monday, April 19, 2004
Well it's been 5 years since I join dis company. Today is a memorable day. I remembered dat I was a wee-bit late for my 1st day...hehehe. N since dat day onwards, I never came late. 5 yrs n not coming late on even a day is some achievement, don't u say? Hehehe...my company is giving me a momento (which I chose myself), a $300 Takashimaya voucher n a treat for my 'invitees' to a dinner/lunch for $500...hehehe. N I still dunno where to go.
Friday, April 16, 2004
Yesterday was a great surprise, I did not know dat there was a blog meet in Lau Pa Sat. Uj called me early yesterday evening saying dat he is going there with a bunch of my friends to do 'something' but alas when I reach there, I coulld see dat he has a whole group of familiar faces sitting ard him..."GULP"...(normally i'm a wee-bit shy when it comes to gathering...hehehe)...so I brave myself to approach them. N to all bloggers who were there, I apologise for not joining d party early coz I was a bit lethargic from werk n was very very hungry...hehehe...may join u guys d next time though...
Thursday, April 15, 2004

An unedited picture of "funness"...just for d fun of it...
Monday, April 12, 2004

Me n my back...
Monday, April 05, 2004
Well, it all goes well on my first day in office. A lot of 'packages' to b done n a lot more of written procedures to do next. After going thru some of d job scope dat I will b doing till d end of d year, I took a well-deserve break (after clearing my mails which took me 3 straight hrs). I walked past my HR guy n told him dat I need to enrol in a computer course. So after signing a few papers, I left to 'visit' some of my previous colleagues who were werking on day shift. It all went perfect till after lunch. Something so stupid happened within d 'inside-people' dat which does not worth mentioning in dis blog. So so stupid!!! There goes my wonderful first day...hhmph...
Thursday, April 01, 2004
Good morning everybody, couldn't help it, I woke up very early n had breakfast all on my own. No one to accompany me...ate 'soto ayam' n read Straits Times. Yup...a famous personality is coming to town...will perform next few days. Kinda like his style of clothing though. Madrid-born singer n sharing d same birthday with me...ho-hum...n i'm stuck in dis clam-shell island...
Wat a deal! Wat a great deal i've gotten from my company. I got n e-mail from my boss stating dat yesterday, nite, was my last nite shift with my team. I'll b starting on my new post, day shift, starting from this coming monday. Dat means i'll b having dis my off days all thru dis four days till monday! Four straight days including d weekends...hehehe...sweeeeettt!!!
I calculated dat i'll b staying on dis post for d next 15 to 18 mths from now. Dat's quite a long time but I bet d experience is worth it...we'll c...
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