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Friday, March 25, 2005

Let's stop n ponder a while. Do we reallly achieve d things dat we want to achieve when we were young?
Monday, March 21, 2005

"With wings like these, i'll fly a thousand miles"
Friday, March 18, 2005

Nice pic hah?
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Juz came back from my short vacation to Club Med Cherating in Pahang. It's one of d best vacation ever coz u r being 'pampered' from 'head to toe', literally. N to make it extra 'special', d GOs were very helpful.

On d 1st day, d GOs welcomed us, like VIPs, from opening our doors all d way to showing us ard d resort. D vast GOs from different nationalities, makes it very interesting. Some were Malaysians, Thais, Japanese, Maldivians, Koreans, French etc. So communication between d guests & d GOs was not a problem coz there's always someone who can translate with them.

Everywhere we go, d GOs or even d guests would greet each other. Help was a 'shout' away. There were sea sports like kayaking & sailing, water activities like pool aerobics, jacuzzi or juz laze ard d pool area. Guests can also choose to go yoga, archery, trekking, playing soccer, tennis, basketball, 'bungy bounce' etc. Balinese massage or various spa are conveniently available. There are alot of activities one can do over there.

My wife's favorite activity & me would b going to d beach n enjoy d waves. To smell d salty mist n watching d waves crashing on boulders while laying on a beach chair. We went to 2 different beaches near d resort. Pity, d waves r too rough for anyone to swim. But nevertheless we still manage to 'skim' d beach.

With 3 meals a day to b contented, one cannot complain abt d wide array of local & international buffet dishes provided by d restaurant. I manage to gain a few extra kilos...hehehe.

Night activities r quite interesting with d GOs putting a 'skit', every night. Sometimes, kids show with participation from d crowd, song & dance or even live music. I would recommend every visitor who is going there, not to miss these shows coz it's very enjoyable.

Wanna here d best confession? Dis vacation is paid for...hehehe...don't ask me from whom...yup yup yup...FREE!!! IT'S FREE!!!

P.S. GOs stands for (Gentils Organisateurs) in french...u figue it out...hehehe...
Tuesday, March 01, 2005

One of my walkabout pictures again...
2002 - 2003
Dec 03 - Remember December?
Nov 03 - Eid Mubarak Oct 03 - Champagne Before & 

Cigarette After Sept 03 - Where Have All The 

Cowboys Gone? Aug 03 - August 

Celebrations. July 03 - Cok Cok Kendong? Takde Idea Lah. Jun 03 - In The Summertime.
Whole of 2002 JAN 03 - This is POD. My 

luohan. FEB 03 - Rumah terbakar 

panggil Bomba. MAR 03 - Home Sweet Home. APR 03 - Walk Like An Egyptian. May 03 - Have A Merry Merry  May.

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